How Can You Make Money From Meme On Facebook

How Do Meme Pages In Facebook Or Social Media Make Money

If you spend a lot of time on the internet or on social networking sites like Facebook, you’ve probably seen pictures with funny captions, often known as memes. Memes, as we all know, have become a permanent presence on the internet these days. They’re amusing, thought-provoking, philosophical, and even divisive. And I’m sure you didn’t believe you could earn money off of memes, did you?

Reconsider your position. If you’re interested in learning how to make money using memes, keep reading.

What exactly is a meme?

A meme is a captioned picture or video that uses social media to link people with a culturally relevant message. Memes have become a major part of viral marketing, according to Sprout Social. Memes are often shared and uploaded on social media in order to generate laughter.

Memes, on the other hand, aren’t simply created or spread for the sake of amusement. Even businesses use memes to offer amusing material, show off their personalities, and boost audience engagement. While the most of us like memes for a good chuckle, it’s fair to assume that some individuals have discovered methods to profit from them.

How To Make Money from Memes

Before we go into how to make money with memes in depth, I think it’s critical to first understand how to generate lucrative memes. Because the aim of this article is to shine light on monetizing memes, it’s critical to go beyond our enjoyment of memes as amusing or thought-provoking.

  1. Create a social media presence.

If you want to make money from memes, you must first grasp the function of social media in the process. Memes, as we all know, are popular on social media. A meme may be compared to a family member who lives under the house of social media.

Memes can no longer flourish and spread without a sturdy roof. That is why I think it is critical to increase your social media following in order for your memes to reach a wider audience. Thankfully, social media has simplified the process of sharing and retweeting memes.

  1. Make or share memes that are popular with your target demographic.

Although memes may be made about anything, it’s best to focus on a certain specialty and develop memes around it. The kind of audience you want to target will also be determined by your specialty. Memes about parenting, for example, will appeal to parents, while memes about cats will appeal to cat owners. If you make and share memes about engineering, for example, a cat-owning audience will be uninterested.

With that in mind, can you image the level of interaction or discussion cat memes generate among cat owners? Yes, the correct type of material will encourage a better dialogue and interaction with the appropriate audience.

  1. Keep your memes safe.

Memes are widely circulated on social media. In fact, one of the indicators of virality is the number of shares. If you created an original meme and shared it on social media, you should watermark it with your social media account to establish ownership. This way, even if someone tries to steal your meme or keeps repeating it, your social network account is credited.

  1. Create an Instagram page dedicated to memes.

Instagram is one of the greatest venues to promote and profit from memes. But the issue is, how can you earn money on Instagram using memes?

Because memes are graphic in nature, and Instagram is primarily a visual medium, combining the two is a winning mix. The aim of starting a meme Instagram profile is to develop it to the point where it becomes an influencer.

As a result, the more fans and followers you have on your meme page, the more companies will take notice of you. You may charge them a fee to promote their brands on your page. They may also approach you and request an advertising. In any case, this is how you earn money on Instagram with a meme page. Each sponsored post has a cost, and the more followers you have, the better for your bank account.

Brands, on the other hand, don’t simply look for advertising on random meme accounts. You and the brand should, at the very least, share a target demographic. If you want to make money on Instagram by posting memes, I recommend looking at the pages of these top earners for ideas: epic funny page, buckberry, and girl with no job.

  1. Make brand-related memes

Brands are catching up with the times, and they’ve realized that memes are an important part of their entire marketing strategy. Consider Gucci as an example. This well-known luxury company created its own Instagram meme campaign, #TFWGucci, which stands for “That Feel When Gucci.”

Gucci collaborated with some of the industry’s top meme makers, like Sebastian Thabile Matheson, who was paid $2,000 for his efforts. This simply implies that even the most well-known companies have learned to value memes as part of their new marketing efforts, and they’re ready to pay a premium for the best meme producers.

While you may not reach this level straight away, I just want to stress that creating memes may be a viable source of income.

3.Use Fiverr to find meme maker gigs.

You can sell memes on Fiverr if producing memes on Gucci’s level is too far out of reach right now. To save money, small and medium-sized companies often outsource their marketing requirements to Fiverr and comparable sites. You can also earn money by generating memes for these companies.

A situation like this may work in your favor. You may establish a free account on Fiverr, create a profile, and begin selling your meme creation skills. Having a portfolio ready to offer prospective customers is beneficial. You may get permanent or project-based employment and earn money with memes from here.

  1. Create and sell meme-related merchandise

Memes have become a common occurrence in our daily lives. Those that know how to profit from memes, on the other hand, are aware that their choices are not limited to their computers. Instead, they use their memes as inspiration, make a real product, and then sell it.

Check out which memes have received the most interaction if you already have a meme Instagram account. Take that meme and turn it into a tangible item. Take a look at the following for some ideas. Two recent college graduates were inspired by the internet’s famous nut button meme to develop a real-life nut button. They’ve made more than $200,000 in sales!

Where can you sell your meme-based merchandise? In a variety of locations!

Instagram business account – If you’ve previously turned your Instagram account into a company account, you may use it as a shopping platform.

Etsy – just like any other goods, offer your meme merchandise on Etsy. To improve exposure, sprinkle SEO keywords throughout the description.

Your own website – you may set up your own online store and sell your goods there. Link your website to all of your meme social media accounts to boost exposure. Create your own website for just a few dollars. In addition, I have a simple step-by-step instruction on

You may also sell your items on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, and Posh mark, among other online markets.

Create memes for a POD company.

You can still make money from memes by starting a print-on-demand company if you don’t want to deal with the actual logistics of producing and selling a real product. The POD business concept has gained traction in recent years, and you may profit from memes by creating them.

Pointful, Printery, and Tee launch are just a few of the POD systems that have already connected with Shopify. Working on such sites has the benefit that all you have to do is come up with great memes and post them on these networks. The platform takes over when someone requests a shirt with your meme design. Manufacturing, shipping, and customer service will all be taken care of for you.


It is feasible to make money using memes. If this is something you love doing and are good at, I strongly advise you to attempt this job! It doesn’t take much to get started, and it’s very adaptable. In reality, free graphic design tools like Canva may help you make your memes. You may work on this project in your free time and from anywhere in the globe.

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