How Can You Move On If Your Dear Ones Blocked You On Facebook

My Girl Friend Blocked Me On Facebook What Should I Do

Calm down, calm down, calm down. Girls are emotional; there’s no need for you to respond to her emotional state by being even more emotional yourself. If she blocks you on everything, it may take you off guard. She banned your phone number on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. You can’t view her profile, call or text her, or do anything else.

If you’ve never had a female block you before, this might be unfamiliar terrain. The first step is to recognize that it isn’t a huge issue. You have no power over other individuals. If she wants to block you, she can do so. You must now get on with your life. You want some additional information but don’t want to be concerned about why she blocked me on everything? Okay, if you think about it, it’s very easy.

Why did she decide to block me?

Women are sensitive. Men have emotions, but women tend to be more emotional. This is most certainly the case if she is blocking you. It is either due of:

You seemed to be too needy.

She was furious, and you were acting like a guy.

You basically behaved too weak, and she was turned off and creeped off by you. Or she became angry / upset / unhappy because you were tough and either stood up to her in a fight or are just going about your business.

In the first instance, it is your responsibility that you are weak. Don’t be concerned about the second instance. She will undoubtedly unblock you at some time, and she will undoubtedly miss you.

If she stopped you because you seemed to be too weak and desperate, you should just go on. Forget about her; it’s all over.

However, whether she was upset or agitated because you refused to give in to her requests, or if you’re enjoying your life and she’s upset about it, this roadblock is only temporary.

What should I do now that she has blocked me?

There isn’t much you can do. Except to continue living your life.

This is why having a goal is essential. You need to have something larger than her to center your life around. This isn’t your wife or girlfriend, I’m guessing. If that’s the case, you should evaluate if she’s the right lady for you. In fact, if she’s your girlfriend and she blocks you on everything, that’s a sign of a breakup.

Even if that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do about it but move on.

So, presuming she is a lady you’re dating but aren’t in a relationship with, or an ex-girlfriend, forget about her.

 You should not be tossing and turning in your night because of a woman’s life like this. She refuses to speak with you. It’s possible you behaved weakly. Okay, so learn from your errors and go on.

It might be because she read your social media post and was disappointed that you two aren’t together. In that scenario, you shouldn’t be concerned about her blocking you. Because she will come to regret it later. It won’t be long before she starts missing you.

In either scenario, you either made a mistake and moved on, or she made a mistake and you moved on.

Will she ever let me through?

If you behaved too needy, she might block you indefinitely or unblock you in the future. She’ll probably simply check your social media to see how you’re doing. If you continue to do the same or worse, she will be satisfied with her initial choice. And if you’re getting up and looking like you’re having fun, she may feel left out.

If she banned you because she was upset with you for being a man, i.e. not giving in to her demands and continuing to live your life, she will unblock you in the future. She may text you or check at your social media accounts. In reality, she will unlock you, even if just for a few minutes to check your social media, and then reblock you.

She’ll most likely check to see whether you’ve improved

While you may never see her profile, she will undoubtedly look at your Instagram or other social media accounts. Even if you’re wondering, “but she blocked me on everything, are you sure?” Yes, she still has emotions for you even though she has shut you out of her emotional state. She will undoubtedly look at your profile. Whether or whether she messages you is determined by how much she misses you. However, she will unblock you at some time in the future.

While she may be angry right now, her rage will soon turn to regret. What goes up has to go down. This is a universal rule. As a result, women always feel a wide variety of emotions. When you get too passionate for a lady, you become ungrounded and must experience both extremely positive and extremely negative emotions.

You’ll have the greatest chance of moving on if you can remain focused and calm, and avoid hitting her up, whether she unblocks you or not.

Should I try to contact her in another way?

No, the objective for you is to go on with your life. You let a girl leave if she doesn’t want to be in your life. That is the only choice available to you. “But she has blocked me on everything, so shouldn’t I try harder?” No way. Because she has blocked you, the best thing to do is to move on. You have no other choice. Hitting her up with a new phone number, through a buddy, waiting for her outside of her workplace, and anything else is very beta behavior.

Even if you did any of the above, you are not just desperate, but also creepy. It just will not work, and she will be freaked out, even if she blocked you because she was angry with you (and therefore actually still cares about you). And if she blocked you on everything because you were already being too needy, then continuing to be needy would just aggravate the situation.

Allow her to miss you while you go on.

Let her enjoy her life since she has blocked you on everything. It’s her fault. It would be her loss if I was chatting to a female and she blocked me on everything. If she doesn’t want to hear from me or see my social media, that’s OK. I know she’ll be following me and calling me in a few weeks or months, but by then I’ll be far gone. I’m not concerned about a female obstructing me. She can go live her life if she blocks me on everything or even just one thing.

This is something I hear a lot from guys:

“She blocked me for no apparent reason.”

or “she banned me on Facebook yet still communicates with me”

or “she unfriended me on Snapchat”

and even “she totally cut me out of her life”

Whatever the situation may be, it is not unusual. This is something that women do all the time.

Some males have a difficulty with attachment. They are so upset when a female blocks them.

Listen up, dude, she did you a favor. You no longer need to be concerned about approaching her or seeing her social media presence. You will be able to progress more quickly if you are not distracted. If she was really the kind of lady you wanted to be with in a healthy manner, she would not have blocked you.

You must proceed.

If a female blocks you onfacebook, you simply have to keep going. Stop obsessing about the reasons she blocked you. You were either appearing weak or powerful and genuine, and she was having difficulty getting over you.

Hopefully, it wasn’t due to your frailty. Hopefully, it was because you were enjoying your life and she was immature.

But, whether you behaved weak and she was upset, or you were simply enjoying your life and she became butthurt, the best course of action is to move on. It’s the only reasonable course of action. Whatever happens. You win if she blocks you. You may now proceed with more ease. Anything else than moving on from a lady who has stymied you is a waste of mental energy. Consider your ideas. Work on your mission, and date other ladies.

One last Word

When you focus on your mission and better your life, every lady who has stood in your way will be sorry.

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