How Can You Use IKR On Chat Messages Using Facebook

What Does IKR Mean On A Text Message

The phrase “I know, right?” is abbreviated as IKR.

IKR may be used to indicate that you strongly agree with what someone has just stated.

IKR is text lingo, although it has its origins in informal chats.

There is no punctuation in the acronym IKR. However, there is a comma after “I know” and before “right” in the complete sentence.

IKR does not need to be capitalized.

That exam was terrible, IKR!

“When she stated she enjoyed the film, I was like, IKR!” Daria received a text from Blythe.

IKR stands for “I know, right.” An IKR communication indicates that the sender firmly agrees with you.

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The common phrase “I know, right” is abbreviated as IKR. When speaking with someone through text or online chat, it is used to indicate agreement.

What Does IKR Stand for in Chat?

In a text or conversation, IKR indicates that the person with whom you’re talking completely agrees with what you’ve just stated. In other words, they agree wholeheartedly with your viewpoint. When someone says IKR, they aren’t simply agreeing with you. IKR implies that a third person agrees with what you’ve said. Consider it the pinnacle of affirmation.

IKR is an acronym that stands for “total agreement, support, and validation.”

IKR is text slang, although the abbreviation is widely used on the internet. As a result, this term often appears on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tok-tok.

Furthermore, IKR is often used in private chat rooms and on memes.

What are your favorite ways to utilize IKR?

IKR is an acronym that stands for “I know, right?” IKR may be used to indicate that you completely agree with what someone has just stated. Let’s suppose you’re a big fan of the film Gattaca. You’re emailing a buddy and they remark, “I really adore the film Gattaca!” You might say, “I don’t know!” This abbreviation has no capitalization requirements; however, punctuation should be avoided. IKR is the most common abbreviation for this acronym.

Here are some additional instances of how IKR may be used:

“IKR!” When Keith wrote an email claiming their supervisor was the worst, Carrie replied.

Laura informed Alex, “I’m replying to Jay with IKR because I completely think that the program FUTUREMAN is funny.”

“Ugh, IKR?” says the narrator. Maria expressed her displeasure with snow when she received Matt’s letter.

How to make the most of IKR:

Use it to reply to a remark when you completely agree with the sender’s point of view.

If you don’t agree with what the sender stated, don’t utilize it.

In formal situations, avoid using this abbreviation.

Punctuation should be avoided.

All of the letters should be capitalized.

Use an emoji like as

One of the most prominent text/chat jargons of the twentieth century is the acronym IKR.

Is it better to capitalize or punctuate the letters IKR?

Capitalization and punctuation are not required in IKR. IKR may be written in all capital letters or all lowercase letters. Some individuals uppercase the letter “I” but leave the letters “k” and “r” uncapitalized. Furthermore, while using the acronym IKR, omit punctuation. When writing out the sentence, you may, on the other hand, use a comma. It’s also OK to use a question mark, exclamation point, or period.

Isn’t that true?

I know, I know.

If you get an IKR message, it indicates that the texter firmly agrees with what you just stated.

Is IKR a jerk?

IKR is a supportive remark for the most part, however depending on the context and your tone, it may be considered harsh by others. You advise, for example, getting an umbrella. Your buddy, on the other hand, claims that it isn’t essential. It begins to rain, and you’re both drenched. Your buddy later texts you, saying, “I suppose I should’ve packed the umbrella!” It’s possible that responding with “IKR” will come off as disrespectful. It may imply agreement, but it could also imply “I told you so.”

Also, avoid IKR if you’re texting someone who doesn’t appreciate slang, online jargon, or text talk. It’s possible that saying “I agree” is preferable.

While the purpose of IKR is to communicate agreement, some individuals believe it to be impolite. If you’re going to use this abbreviation, it’s better to finish it with an emoji.

Furthermore, the last section of IKR irritates certain individuals. They believe that saying “right” is unnecessary, so they just say “IK.”

Finally, if you disagree with the sender, don’t utilize IKR. Say IDK if you’re not sure if you agree with someone’s point of view. That abbreviation stands for “I’m not sure.”

What’s Your Reaction to IKR?

Leave a nice remark or an emoji for IKR. Consider using a smiling face, thumbs up, or the number 100 as an emoji.

Here are some possible IKR text responses.








Keep in mind that IKR does not always need a response. It’s OK to switch topics and speak about something else.

What Year Did IKR Begin?

The term “I know, right” has been present since the 1990s, and it became IKR as the use of internet communication grew.

You may recall Regina George using the line in the 2004 film Mean Girls. After spending time with the famous gang, Cady Heron took it up as well.

Wrap Up

IKR was formerly thought to be a Valley Girl expression, but it is now used by everyone from preteens to elders. IKR may be used whenever you fully agree with someone, although it’s best used in informal conversations.

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