How Do You Comment On A Cute Baby Photo On Facebook

How Do You Comment On A Cute Baby Photo On Facebook

It seems like once you reach a certain age, everyone you know is expecting a child. The baby surge has resulted in an avalanche of baby pictures.

But how can you praise the infant and make a remark on such photos? Let’s face it, newborn infants aren’t the most attractive animals on the planet, so knowing what to say may be difficult at times.

A guide to the dos and don’ts of commenting on infant pictures may be found here.

What To Say About Facebook?

Social media is a fantastic method to share those first pictures of your new baby with relatives and friends who don’t live near enough to visit on a regular basis.

However, keep in mind that when you remark on a picture on Facebook or Instagram, it is not a private message and will be seen to the public.

The greatest piece of advice is to keep your remarks brief, pleasant, and to the point. Emojis and gifs are also excellent ways to express yourself without offending others.

If you want to give the new parents a lengthier greeting, a direct private message may be the best option.


It’s adorable!

So priceless!

It’s just right!

I am overjoyed for you!

God blesses! (For people with a religious bent)

When It Comes to Baby Photos, What Not to Say

There are a few guidelines to follow in order to avoid becoming the one who makes an improper or passive-aggressive remark. Some of these principles are self-evident, while others are not. Here are our eight guidelines:

Don’t be a bully.

This should go without saying, yet nothing should be taken for granted. Everyone enjoys a little sarcasm and good-natured humor, but there is a time and a place for it. Sarcasm aimed towards youngsters, in general, does not go down well.

Parenting is not to be judged.

It’s tough to keep up with all of the parenting regulations and standards since they change on a daily basis. Many are also more of a question of personal preference than of legislation.

However, if you see a picture of a kid who seems to be in a hazardous position and feel compelled to inform them, it is preferable to do so discreetly rather than in the comments.

And keep in mind that you should only do this if it is an actual rule of law rather than a question of opinion.

The term “passive aggressive” is a huge no-no.

It’s much worse to try to get your message through in a roundabout way than to simply express what’s on your mind.

If you see a picture and are worried about the child’s safety, it is preferable to provide the parents information via a private text message.

Keep it on topic

I’m aware of another obvious one. However, if I have posted a picture of my kid, the comments section is not the place to ask me irrelevant questions. After all, there are much more effective methods to communicate with parents.

Don’t be the one that tries to outdo the other.

There is no need for this since each kid is unique and wonderful in their own way.

Please do not respond with how your child was walking at 6 months and running in the local running club at 9 months if your friend posts a photo of their 9-month-old pulling herself up (I know a little bit of exaggeration on my part but you get my point).

Allow this parent to enjoy their child’s achievements in their own space while you celebrate yours in yours.

Do not engage in a lengthy discussion in the comments section.

Okay, comments beneath baby pictures are not the place to conduct a full-fledged discussion, particularly if the person who uploaded the photo in the first place is not the one who posted the photo. If you wish to talk to them, text them or send a message to their DM.

Another major issue is sexism. No way!

Allow children to be children without categorizing them based on their gender. So don’t say things like “he’d best not be doing that when he begins school!” if your friend’s kid wants to dance about in a tutu.

Be complimentary to others.

This is another apparent one, but I believe we should be extremely explicit about it. So your buddy and every other parent knows how incredibly beautiful their child is, but it’s also nice to hear other people mention it as well.

Complimenting A Baby Boy

Here are a few methods to praise a newborn boy now that we’ve covered the fundamentals.

Oh, he’s very attractive

He’s priceless!

What a charming young man he is!

He’s so adorable!

This isn’t an exhaustive list of compliments to use, and many of them may be combined to make a lengthier phrase.

Complimenting A Baby Girl

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, the same fundamental principles apply, and here are a few fast and simple methods to praise a young girl:

What a sweet baby!

She seems to be in excellent health!

She’s such a sweetie!

Overabundance of cuteness!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and any of these items may be utilized for both boys and girls.

Not sure what gender you are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than commenting on a picture and then realizing you made a mistake with the gender.

So, if you’re not sure about the baby’s gender, a safe gender-neutral remark or phrase like ‘Sooo adorable’ or ‘What an angel!’ would suffice. I believe you understand the concept, and you are less likely to offend or anger a parent as a result.

Complimenting A Newborn Baby

Unless you know the gender of the baby, commenting on newborn pictures based on gender may be difficult.

Even if the name appears in the picture, there are so many gender-neutral names that it may be a bit ambiguous. To be safe, use the same guidelines you would if you weren’t sure what gender you were dealing with.

The following are some excellent praises for newborns:


I’m ecstatic for you!

You must be ecstatic!

What a lovely baby.

One Last Thought

When commenting on infant pictures, the most important thing to remember is to be honest and genuine within limits. “If you can’t say anything kind, don’t say anything at all,” I was constantly taught as a kid, and it’s still a good guideline to live by.

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