How Do You Change Your Facebook Page Id

How Do You Change Your Facebook Page Id

If you need to modify your Facebook Page NAME instead of URL, follow these steps.

What is the address of my Facebook page?

The portion of your web address following the is your Facebook Page URL. We’re talking about the Louise in the instance of my Fan Page.

This is what Facebook refers to as your username. It’s also known as your vanity URL or web address.

The portion of your web address after is your Facebook Page URL.

Your Facebook Page URL, often known as your username, is a component of your web address that you may customize.

Important guidelines for your Facebook Page URL (also known as your username).

Facebook, predictably, has a slew of restrictions about usernames.

Your Page or profile may only have one username.

You cannot claim a username that is already in use by someone else.

Only alphanumeric letters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”) are permitted in usernames.

They can’t have any generic words or extensions in them (.com, .net). I was, however, able to add “com” without difficulty.

Periods (“.”) and capitalization are not allowed in usernames. For instance, the usernames johnsmith55, John.Smith55, and john. smith.55 are all regarded the same.

The length of a user’s name must be at least 5 characters.

Facebook’s Terms must be followed while creating a username. source

Keep in mind that you must be an administrator to create or modify a Page’s username.

If you’ve just established many new Pages, you may not be able to generate a username for one of them right away.

Is it possible to save a Facebook Page login for later use?

Don’t depend on “reserving” a Facebook login and URL!

The username of a Page may also be deleted if it is inactive. Yes, that occurred to me as well! I didn’t utilize the Page and instead created a URL.

That URL is now owned by someone else!

So, if you want to save a Facebook Page URL for later, make a post on the Page first – otherwise, Facebook may release your username for someone else to use.

Is it possible to change the name of my Facebook Page?

So, you’d want to take a username / URL from one Page and put it on another.

Perhaps you’d want to modify your personal profile URL so that it can be used on your company page.

Is it going to be available? How long do you think it’ll be before you can use that name again?

This is a commonly requested question around here. People either want to know whether they can switch right now or they want to know:

Why isn’t my previous Facebook username accessible despite the fact that it’s not taken?

I regret to inform you that Facebook does not disclose their policies regarding the release of previously used usernames and URLs.

Many years ago, it seemed that Facebook would never make them public. However, they must have recognized that with their increasing user base, this was no longer feasible.

Then I received word that an old username will be released immediately. They may immediately apply the name to another Page.

People have also told me that they’ve waited months and the previous username is still unavailable.

I wish I had a crystal ball so I could predict what would happen if you tried it.

I, on the other hand, do not.

What I’m afraid of when it comes to changing usernames

As with altering Instagram usernames, Facebook may have instituted a cooling off period. It’s supposed to take 14 days.

Because the Business Page or personal profile violated Facebook’s Terms of Service, certain usernames will never be accessible again.

When Facebook feels like it, they’ll alter their mind about their policy.

I wouldn’t take everything you read on the internet as gospel truth. I don’t believe anybody really understands how it will function today, in your nation, with your particular circumstances.

So, what should I do if the previous username indicates that it is no longer active?

Keep an eye out!

You want to be the first to get it if it becomes accessible, which I believe is a realistic possibility.

If it doesn’t work within two to four weeks, you may report a problem with Facebook Pages here.

I can’t guarantee anything, but I think it’s worth a try.

Of course, as with all things Facebook, your Ad Manager should be your first port of call

More Best practices for Facebook Page usernames


In addition to Facebook’s requirements, here are some of my recommendations for choosing the greatest Facebook username:

Choose a username that you’ll like in the long run. It may or might not change in the future!

However, try to keep your username as brief and distinctive as possible…

Make it as similar to your own name as feasible, or the name of the company or person your Page represents (ex: John. Smith, Facebook).

Decide how you want it to appear in the address bar in terms of periods and capitalization, since users may put it in with or without them.

This also means you can’t use periods or caps to claim a URL that someone else is using.

I did come across an article that said that putting periods between words makes your URL more SEO friendly, since Google prefers word delimiters. To make the document more user-friendly, I opted to eliminate periods.

If the username you desire isn’t accessible, you’ll have to come up with a new one that hasn’t already been taken. Even if the Page or profile it’s linked with isn’t published or used yet, a username may be inaccessible if it’s already taken.

If the Page stays dormant, the username may be released (see note above).

Changes to an existing Facebook Page URL should be done with caution.

Perhaps you’ve determined that your URL is too lengthy or that it should match your Page Name.

Your Page name — the title that displays under your cover picture – will not change if you alter your Page URL. However, after you’ve established a vanity URL, any links to your Page will no longer function if you change it.

If you don’t find and replace the old links, they’ll lead to this adorable message when clicked:

It’s not so adorable when it implies that folks looking for you won’t be able to locate you!

I have some ideas for getting Google to cease sending traffic to your previous URL, but a Facebook Page that redirects from one URL to another does not exist.

To prevent the missing Page issue, see the “Timeline for Changing” section below.

Also, keep in mind that Facebook previously only permitted you to alter your Page URL once.

So don’t make a change lightly-you may have to live with it or create a new Fan Page if you do.

There are no assurances that what works now will work tomorrow when it comes to social media!

Is it possible to get Google to alter the URL of my Facebook page?

“When I google my Facebook name, the old URL comes up with a broken link.”

Trying to persuade Google to do what you want is nearly as entertaining as persuading Facebook to do what you want. It just does not happen.

There is no method to submit your new URL to search engines on Facebook. You’ll have to wait till the Page is crawled again.

It’s conceivable you’re seeing a cached version of your search, but I’m stretching here. Change your browser, use an incognito window, or clear your cache.

It will, however, take time. One thing that no one mentioned was that it was immediate.

How do you get Google to change the URL of your Facebook Page more quickly?

All links to your Facebook Page should be updated as described below. Incoming links are one of Google’s favorite things to view.

Maintain your Page’s activity by posting plenty of relevant material. The keywords, as well as the action, will appeal to Google.


If you’ve had your Facebook company Page for a while and are active in marketing it, you’ve probably seen that link shared in a few places.

It sh0cked me by finding almost a dozen links when I searched my blog entries for my then-current “photographic” username.

You’ve almost certainly included a link to your Facebook page in at least one sidebar, header, or footer widget (I had three).

If you’ve guest blogged, think about if you left any links and how you’ll get to them if you need to make a change. You don’t want to impress your reader by sending them to a dead page!

If you have additional social profiles connected to your Facebook Fan Page, you’ll need to change them as well.

You may have pinned a link to your Facebook Business Page on Pinterest. You can edit the URL of a Pin that you’ve pinned (but it won’t appear in repines). If you have an Instagram account, you may have included a link there as well. Alternatively, you may put it on your Twitter profile. Find all of them!

Examine your email signature as well as any printed items you may have – business cards, brochures, and so on. These will have to be dealt with first.

You may request that search engines like Google deindex your old Facebook Page URL. Regardless, they should notice eventually. The length of time will most likely be determined by the size and activity of your page.

Even if you request that the outdated URL be removed, if people search for your Facebook page outside of Facebook, a search engine such as Google will direct them to a broken Facebook Page link for a period of time.

For my part, I doubted that many people were looking for my Facebook page on Google. If you believe this is true for you, try not to be concerned.

Work on the things you have control over – see the timetable below.

Changing Your Facebook URL Timeline

It’s time to be ready now that you’ve found out where you put your previous login.

Make sure you have the ability to alter your username before spending time or money in the next procedures! Then go ahead.

The majority of the stages are optional, and some may or may not apply to you. Make the best decision you can. These are just ideas.

What about printed materials? Prepare to place an order for fresh ones as soon as possible.

Make a post on your Facebook page announcing that you’ll be changing your username. Please explain why.

If you don’t have admin rights to update the URL yourself, contact the sites where you’ve guest blogged and ask if they’ll do it for you.

Final Words

When you’ve finished changing your name, create a picture or video to publish on Facebook.


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