How Do You Keep Your Status Always Online On Facebook

How Do You Keep Your Status Always Online On Facebook

If we look around, we can see that WhatsApp and Facebook are the most popular instant messaging apps right now. These two applications offer users with more features and controls than any other social networking or instant messaging software.

WhatsApp and Messenger were both supported by Facebook, in case you didn't know. Among Android users, both Messenger and WhatsApp are equally popular. When it comes to functionality, WhatsApp and Facebook enable users to send and receive text messages as well as conduct audio and video conversations.

When you use these two instant messaging apps, the app's Online status is usually shown. When the program is operating in the background, it also displays the online status. Even if they are offline, some users prefer to keep their WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger statuses online.

So, if you're looking for the same thing, we'll reveal a few of the finest techniques to keep your Facebook status online even while you're offline in this post.

Using a Screen Timeout for the First Time

Step 1: Make sure your Facebook mobile application are up to date. This step is critical; otherwise, you will not be able to keep your accounts online at all times.

Step 2: Next, you'll need to activate the developer mode. So go to Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (tap on the build number 7-10 times to enable developer options), and then choose Stay awake from the developer options.

Create an online version Of Facebook.

NOTE: This will never allow your smartphone's screen to turn off, and it will always be illuminated until you turn it off using the lock screen button on your device.

That's it; you're finished! Now all you have to do is switch on the computer and go into your Facebook or WhatsApp account. Your accounts will display the online status for as long as the screen on your device is on. So, if you keep your screen active, you'll be Online, but if you lock it, you'll be displayed Offline.

#2 Make Use of a Third-Party App

There's a great third-party out there that lets you make your Facebook accounts public. When your smartphone is running a GPS app, a beloved remote control, or a movie or slideshow, this software keeps the screen on. As a result, keeping your screen on while using certain applications is ideal.

In Android, keep Facebook Messenger online at all times.

Stay Alive! is a free download. Keep the screen active.

The key point of this technique is that you must keep your device's screen active and not allow it go to sleep. You will be active on Facebook for as long as your screen is on. You may also do this by using certain applications that allow you to keep your device's screen active.


#3 Using Facebook on the Web/Desktop

For those who are unaware, Facebook has a web version that enables users to send and receive text messages directly from their web browser. You will still seem online if you login to the WhatsApp Web/Desktop client and then shut the app on your Android. In the web version, however, you must ensure that the machine does not enter sleep mode.

Using Facebook as fourth option

GB Facebook is a service that allows you to send and receive messages in a secure

Facebook is one of the finest and most popular mods for Android. Users may take use of several key privacy features with Facebook. Apart from that, Facebook AK may be used to keep your Facebook Status online even if you are not connected to the internet. So, let's see how to utilize to keep Facebook app available at all times.

Facebook AK may be downloaded and installed on your Android phone.

  1. Open the app once it has been downloaded and validate the cellphone number.
  2. Go to ‘Settings' now.
  3. There, choose ‘Other Mods' and look for ‘Always Online.'
  4. Simply turn on the ‘Always Online' option.

That's it; you're finished! This is how you may use Facebook to always display your status online.

Final Words

You have now learnt how to keep WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger online at all times by reading this post. I hope you found this post useful! also share it with your friends

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