How Do You Use A Video Ad For Facebook Campaign

How To Use A Video Ad For A Facebook Campaign

If you’re one of Facebook’s 1 billion active users, you’ve probably seen a recent boom of video content taking over your News Feed. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered that this content change improves your Facebook surfing experience in most cases.

More and more businesses are becoming aware of this strong content format and are rapidly jumping on board the video trend to provide what their consumers want. The fact that videos convert is even more effective than delivering a compelling brand experience. According to Adobe, consumers who watch videos are 1.81X more likely to buy than those who do not watch videos.

But, unless you’re Carson Daly, standing out on Facebook is just as tough as striking out in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. How can you become Facebook’s Carson Daly?

What Exactly Are Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook video ads, as you may have guessed, are Facebook advertising in the form of videos. Instead of writing a snippet of text and/or uploading a picture, you’ll need to either produce a video in-house, collaborate with a filmmaker to create one, or utilize an existing movie to submit to Facebook’s native video player. You will then be able to modify the video description, thumbnail, budget, and audience to whom the ad is sent.

Why Should You Advertise on Facebook with Video Ads?

Facebook video advertisements are the most effective method to guarantee that consumers remember your brand and return to your website. Video isn’t just a Facebook fad; it’s a strategy for engaging and converting website visitors, funneling leads down the funnel in email marketing campaigns, and fueling interaction across various social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Periscope (which has literally built a social network based just on live video streaming).

According to HubSpot

In September of 2015, 1.5 million small and medium-sized companies posted videos on Facebook, according to Sheryl Sandberg. “Someone most certainly paid to have the videos turned into advertisements in order to increase the number of views. And, given that average ad income per user in the United States increased by 50% this year, the video ad approach seems to be working,” reports TechCrunch.

Setting Up Facebook Video Ads

How do you get these kids up and going now that you believe in the benefits of video ads?

Fortunately, if you’re currently running Facebook advertising, the procedure is quite similar. To begin, follow these steps:

The first step

Go to the top of your profile page and click on “Create Ads.”

2nd Step

Choose the campaign goal “Gain video views.”

Step three

Define your target audience (or use a preset audience), budget, and advertising schedule.

4th step

Make your ad! This is where the adventure starts.

You’ll see that there are a few choices for creating your stunning video. You may upload a video, search your library, or make a picture slideshow. In most instances, you’ll want to promote a video that you already uploaded organically or use a pre-made video from your desktop. WordStream Advisor customers now have access to millions of free, high-quality video clips to build their advertisements thanks to our Shutterstock connection.

Before submitting a video, make a note of Facebook’s suggested video specifications to guarantee the best viewing experience possible. If your aspect ratio is incorrect, a changing format may result in poor playback or black bars.

5th step

Finally, edit the text above your video, preview it, and watch your video views skyrocket.

Display movies without sound.

No sound may seem strange until you consider how you watch videos on Facebook. When it may occur from time to time in the privacy of your own home, individuals often browse their news feeds to pass the time on their commutes, while at a restaurant or public area, or while taking a mental break at work. A sound is often inappropriate in these situations, and since people are naturally lazy, the odds of them putting in their headphones to listen to a video advertising on Facebook are low.

Is your video just incomprehensible without sound? Include captions! Because they’ve realized that sound may be a problem, Facebook just stated that they’re making it more simpler for marketers to automatically add subtitles to their videos. According to Facebook, “internal studies indicate that captioned video advertisements boost video view duration by an average of 12 percent.”

Use CPM bidding to guarantee your advertisements are set to autoplay.

Advertisers may be wary about autoplay in some situations, but Facebook should not be one of them. Why? Because there are already so many distractions on Facebook, you want to engage multi-tasking newsfeed scrollers as quickly as possible, and automatically playing your videos is the ideal method to do it. To be qualified for autopay, you must bid in terms of cost-per-impressions (CPM) rather than cost-per-click (CPC) (CPC).

Get right to the point as soon as possible.

I was shocked to see that Facebook video advertisements may run for up to 120 minutes. This is extremely lengthy, and the odds of someone finishing a 2-hour film while on a social network appear remote.

When it comes to corporate videos, Wistia has discovered that video duration is important. Wistia research revealed that, on average, consumers watch more than 80% of a video less than 30 seconds after evaluating millions of videos. The graph below shows that the longer the video, the less people view it.

To get to the main points quicker, keep your advertisements brief, sweet, and compelling. Do you need some video ad inspiration? We’ve got your back.

Promote video material that has done successful elsewhere.

Which Facebook videos did the best organically? Which videos are the most popular on your website? Which webinars elicited the greatest participation? What does your target audience like watching?

These are just a handful of the questions you should consider before launching your video advertisements. Before deciding which videos are worth investing in, you should consider data such as engagement and play rate of your video content across channels. During my time as a WordStream employee, Larry Kim told me that you should always promote your BEST content (i.e. the top 1%!).

Get specific with your audience.

This is a concept taught in Facebook Advertising 101, but it is equally important to remember while running video advertisements. These things are expensive, so why not promote to a specific and relevant audience to cut through the clutter and concentrate your cash on engaging the people who matter?


Once your Facebook video advertisements have received a substantial number of views, you should take a step back and evaluate if the money invested is producing a return. How many people do you think are viewing videos? Are people clicking on your ads? After viewing, did you go to your website? Understanding how your Facebook video marketing affects your target audience can help you optimize your video production and advertising approach, ensuring that your company benefits. (Check out our new Facebook ad benchmarks to see whether your stats are where they should be.)

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