How Do You Uninstall Facebook On Android Phone

How Can I Completely Uninstall Facebook From My Android Phone

Despite user claims of many years, OEMs (Original Parts Manufacturers) continue to pre-install third-party apps on totally new devices. Even in 2019, consumers will discover numerous phones that come pre-installed with Facebook applications. Worse, since it is installed as a system program, uninstalling it without root access is often difficult. However, there are still a few options for dealing with this issue.

We have three ways to assist customers remove Facebook apps and other system programs, depending on how each manufacturer and provider installs various bloated system applications. The techniques will be presented in increasing difficulty order, with the third option having the greatest success rate. None of these ways will remove the program. Instead, they will deactivate the program, halt any background or update operations, and remove it from the App Drawer (the App Drawer is one of the featured components on the Android device, which plays a role). List all of the apps that are installed on your device). In short, the application’rests’ rather than being’suppressed.’

How to Turn Off Facebook on Android

Method1: In Settings, disable the program.

The most straightforward way is to deactivate the program in Settings. To do so, launch the Settings app and go to “Apps.” To extend the list on later Android versions, click “See all [x] applications “here.

Select Facebook (or any other system program you wish to remove) to access the App Info screen. Along the top of the page, there are two buttons labeled “Disable” and “Force Stop.” On the pop-up box, choose “Disable” and then click “OK.” If the “Disable” button becomes gray, try one of the alternatives listed below.

Method 2: Disable the installation package using the program.

If the first approach is not feasible, or if you wish to remove other applications in addition to Facebook, you should use the application to deactivate the installation package. These apps have the ability to remove not just Facebook but also a slew of bloatware applications that were previously installed by the OEM.

Currently, only LG and Samsung smartphones have trustworthy apps. The LG phone version costs $1.99 (46,000VND), and the dependability varies based on the model. However, whether they are using the new Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, Samsung customers will not be in the same position. The Samsung phone version costs $3.49. (VND 81,000).

Method3: Make use of ADB.

The most difficult way is to utilize ADB commands, however it is free and guaranteed to work. Don’t worry, ADB commands aren’t difficult to learn, and the system application removal procedure is straightforward.

The first step is to install ADB and launch it on your PC. For more information on how to accomplish this, please see the article: Simple method to install and utilize ADB & Fastboot on Mac / Linux / Windows.

You must install USB drivers for your Windows device in order for your phone and PC to ‘communicate’ correctly. To get the proper driver, go to this website, locate the phone OEM, and follow the steps. This step is optional for Mac and Linux users.

Then, on the phone, go to the Play Store and install the App Inspector. App Inspector will provide the user the precise package name of the Facebook app as well as any other system applications that need to be disabled.

Then, under the App Inspector, go to “App List,” and then click on the Facebook app. Package names are found beneath the application’s name and begin with “com” or “net,” followed by a sequence of words separated by dots.

Connect your phone to your PC and turn on USB Debugging. In Command Prompt or Terminal, type the following command: (replace XX with the newly found package name).

Final Words

When you have completed the steps properly, you will receive a “Success” message indicating that Facebook has been deactivated on the device. Please keep in mind that these techniques do not remove the program. If the user restarts the device, the program will return.

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