How To Delete Messenger Phone Number From Your Mobile Device

Someone Is Using My Phone Number On Messenger How Can I Remove It

Give me a few minutes of your valuable time and attention, and I will demonstrate, in a simple but comprehensive manner, how to delete a phone number from Messenger, an operation that, contrary to appearances and beyond what you may imagine, I promise you is really quite easy to do. You don’t have to be a specialist in IT and new technologies, or even a master of the Facebook world.

So, grab your smartphone (or tablet) and begin immediately putting the directions for what to do that you’ll discover below into action. Oh, nearly forgot, if you’re used to accessing Facebook’s chat from your PC, or rather the Web, I expect it’ll be available from there as well. But enough of that, let’s get to work. Have fun reading!

Delete the Messenger phone number from your mobile device.

Do you use Facebook Messenger on your mobile phone or tablet (Android or iOS) and want to know how to delete the phone number from Messenger? Then follow the directions on what to do below, and you’ll notice that you’ll be able to get by in no time. Just keep in mind that by doing so, your phone number will no longer be accessible on Messenger and will no longer be visible on the “actual” social network.


Do you have an Android phone or tablet? To remove your phone number from Mark Zuckerberg’s renowned messaging app on the social network, the first step is to get the device, unlock it, and access the screen where the icons of all the apps are gathered. and then go to Facebook (the one with the blue background and the “f” printed in the center).

Then, if required, enter into your account, click the button with three horizontal lines at the top, and then press Your picture, which is always at the top of the page presented in such a manner that you proceed to your profile and stop at the redaction Information about which is below your cover image.

Locate the section Contact and then stop at the article Edit present in correspondence of the latter, and then stop at Remove mobile phones en account settings and hit the voice Remove from your account located in the section Current phone numbers. Then, confirm your selection by entering your password in the appropriate box and clicking Remove phone.

If you have any doubts, you can always add the mobile number again in the social network and, as a result, in Messenger, by pressing the button with three horizontal lines found at the top of the Facebook application screen, selecting the item account settings on the displayed screen, and then pressing General. To add a new phone number, go to Phone number and then to Redaction. Then fill out the form with the required information, validate it, and you’re done.


If, on the other hand, you are using an iPhone or iPad, first unlock it, then go to the home screen and tap on the Messenger program icon (the one with the white background and the blue balloon) to log into your account (if necessary).

Now, in the top right of the page, hit Your picture, then on the next screen, choose Account settings, and finally Personal information.

Then, dial his phone number and choose the item Remove from your account. Now, in the empty box at the bottom, enter your Facebook account password, and then complete the process by clicking the Remove phone button. Done.

Obviously, if you change your mind, you can always add the phone number back to your Facebook account, and therefore to Messenger, by returning to the section account settings accessible after clicking Your picture at the top left of the program screen, and then pressing Personal information. Selecting the item to add the number at Phone number and then following the recommended process that is given on the screen.

Remove the Messenger phone number from the computer.

Do you want to know how to remove the Messenger phone number from your PC? In such scenario, you must complete all of your actions via the Facebook website. To do so, connect to the latter using the browser with which you normally surf the web (e.g. Chrome), log into your account (if necessary) by filling in the fields in the upper right and then clicking Log In, then click Arrow down in the upper right of the blue bar and select configurations from the menu that appears.

Select the item For mobile on the left, then click on the item Remove from account what you see below your phone number in the center of the page, and affirm your intentions by clicking the button Remove phone number linked to the box that was to be opened.

You can also remove your phone number by going to your profile and clicking Your photo in the upper right corner of the blue Facebook bar, then selecting the tab Info placed below the cover image, then the entry Contact information and background on the left and clicking on the wording Edit that you find next to your phone number in correspondence with the deed Mobile phones. Then, next to the number, click the link Eliminate, and you’ll be sent back to the previous page to finish the process of removing the phone number.

Obviously, if you change your mind, you can always add your mobile phone number back on Facebook, making it visible on Messenger as well, by returning to the section configurations from the social network as seen above, pressing the voice For mobile to the left, pressing the button Add a phone number, and entering the contact information requested.

Control the privacy settings for phone numbers.

Instead of deleting the phone number from Messenger in its whole, would you want to interfere in the latter’s privacy settings so that it is not accessible to others or just to specific contacts? It is possible. Let’s see what we can do right now. Everything that is described here can be found.

From the Android platform

If you are using an Android mobile phone or tablet, the first step you must take is to open the Facebook application on your device, as shown in the previous lines, and then go in your profile by first pressing the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top of the screen, and then in the Your photo.

At this time, click on the words Info en underneath the cover picture, go to the section Contact, and then click on the newsroom Edit Send button to send the latter’s message.

Then, next to your phone number, click the button with the Arrow down. On the following page, choose the privacy option you want from the menu that appears (Todas, Friends, Just me, etc.) and confirm your decision by clicking the button. Reduce your spending.

From the iOS platform

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need the “actual” Facebook app to change the privacy settings for your phone number. So, open the latter on your smartphone by clicking its icon (the one with the blue information and the letter “f” above) on the home screen, enter into your account (if required), stop on the button with three horizontal lines at the bottom right, and pick the Your picture on the next page.

Now, stop at the card Info, which is located below the cover picture, discover the section Contact, and touch the pencil sign to get his phone number.

Finally, on the following page, click on the menu that appears next to your cell phone number and choose the privacy option you want from those accessible ( Todas, , Friends, Just me etc.). Then, at the bottom, click the Save button to confirm your changes.

From a computer

To change the privacy settings of your phone number from your PC, just login to the Facebook home page as shown in the preceding paragraphs using your preferred browser, click on the Your picture located on the top right of the blue bar, and then on the board Info located below the cover image.

Now, on the left, select the words Contact information and background, then click the link Edit that bush next to his phone number in the section Contact, and then hit the Arrow down button next to the wording Eliminate.

Then, from the menu that displays, choose the privacy option you want (Todas, Friends, Just me, etc.) and confirm the settings by clicking the Save Changes button.

You may get a reasonably comprehensive response to your concerns by entering the term (e.g. Mensajero) that identifies your issue into the search box at the top, or by reading one of the articles in the section Popular temas. You may also get more ready-to-answer questions by using the reference categories at the top of the page.


Finally, I’d like to remind out that the Facebook Help Center is also accessible through the Messenger app, which is available for both Android and iOS. To get there, tap Your picture at the top of the app screen and then the Support item at the bottom. Even so, you will be presented with a screen displaying the most commonly asked queries and the most popular subjects. Instead, the search box is at the top.

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