How To Find For How Long Someone Has Been Friends On Facebook

How To Find How Long Someone Has Been Friends On Facebook

If you’ve had your Facebook account for a while, you may forget how long you’ve been friends with other Facebook users.Knowing how long you’ve been friends with someone may help you commemorate how long you’ve been friends.

We found out how to see how long you’ve been friends on Facebook.

How to Find Out How Long You’ve Been Friends With Someone On Facebook (Step-By-Step Guide)

You may find out how long you’ve been friends with someone on Facebook in two ways.

One approach necessitates recalling the date on which you accepted their buddy request.

The second approach involves using the Activity Log feature to locate your friend’s most recent anniversary.

Method 1: Identifying Your Wedding Anniversary

You’ll have a date for your anniversary if you recall when you accepted their friend request.

Facebook will remind you of that date every time it comes around.

It will appear on your Timeline to remind you that it has been a year since you accepted that person’s friend request.

There’s also a year on that post.

Facebook will tell you how many years you’ve been friends on the social media platform.

You may browse through your Timeline till you locate that anniversary post if you know when you accepted their friend request.

You’ll get the information you need.

Method 2: Maintain an Activity Log

Not everyone can recall accepting a buddy request.

It may sometimes be difficult to locate the anniversary post after scrolling through a year’s worth of postings.

Your activity log is a more convenient method to check how long you’ve been friends with someone on Facebook.

To find out how long you’ve been friends on Facebook, follow these steps.

Step1: Hover your mouse over the top right arrow.

When you first log into Facebook, check for a tiny arrow pointing downwards.

It may be found in the website’s upper right corner.

When you click the arrow, you’ll be presented with a number of choices from which to select.

Select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the Activity Log.

You’ll find many choices in your Settings & Privacy box to select from.

Look for the Activity Log option and choose it.

Every post you’ve ever made is saved in the Activity Log.

It also includes everything you were tagged in or referenced in by someone else.

Your Activity Log is only visible to you.

If you want a copy of your Activity Log on your computer, you may also opt to download it.

Step3: Filtering Options

You’ll need to filter a few items after you’ve clicked on your Activity Log to begin narrowing down your search.

Your anniversary might be many pages lengthy, depending on how long you’ve been friends.

The date should be the first filter parameter you update.

To find the date, go to Year.

Then decide which year you’d want to look back on.

The prior year should do because you’re just searching for your last anniversary post with that specific buddy.

Save your modifications once you’ve chosen the year.

Step 4: Decide on an activity kind.

There are a variety of activity categories to choose from in the Activity Log.

Each category corresponds to a distinct sort of Facebook post.

You’ll want to click on the Connections activity type to see how long you’ve been friends with someone.

Friends, relationship statuses, and other postings regarding relationships fall under this activity category.

Page likes are also included.

Step 5: Locate Your Wedding Anniversary

You’ll see a series of postings involving your pals in this section of your Activity Log.

You’ll have to browse through the postings for a while until you locate the friend anniversary with the buddy you’re looking for.

The anniversary post will include the number of years you’ve been together.

It indicates when you and that individual accepted each other’s friend requests and began talking with each other.

That number indicates how long you’ve known the individual on Facebook.

What other kind of activities can you check out in the activity log?

The Activity Log includes a variety of post kinds.

It enables you to see all of your posts in a logical order.

The following are the many kinds of activities that you may check out in the Activity Log.

Posts by You

The majority of your Facebook postings are stored in the Activity Log’s Your Posts area.

There, you’ll discover pictures, videos, status updates, and other text postings you’ve created.

It also contains content from other sources that you shared.

The Activity Log’s Your Posts area is where you should go if you ever need to locate an old post you wrote.

In the Activity Log, you may examine, remove, or do other things with it.

You’ve been tagged in an activity.

It’s easy to overlook postings where you’ve been tagged.

If you haven’t visited Facebook in a while, you may have missed a tagged post.

The Activity Log is where you’ll find it.

The Activity Log’s “Activity You’re Tagged In” section includes pictures, posts, and comments that you were tagged in by a friend or someone else.

Through the Activity Log, you may also remove or modify the post.

This section of the Activity Log is useful for individuals who need to locate a post they didn’t share on their timeline.


It may sometimes be tough to go back and examine previous comments you’ve made on blogs.

In this case, the Activity Log’s Interactions section comes in handy.

It saves every remark or reaction you’ve ever made on a post.If you’re looking for an old meme or video that you liked, you may locate it a lot simpler by looking through your Activity Log Interactions.

In this section of the Activity Log, you’ll also discover posts that you enjoyed.

Events And Groups

It’s easy to lose track of information if you’re a member of many different organizations.

You may be unclear whether you ever replied to a remark or if you liked a specific article.

On the Activity Log, you may look up information about the groups and events you’re a member of.

It even displays information about the Facebook groups you’ve established.

You’ll be able to view comments you made on group postings as well as other group-related activity.

Information about yourself

This part of your Activity Log contains information about your profile.

It’s a simple method to double-check the data you’re putting on your profile.

This information in your Log is only visible to you.

Your email address and phone number are among the items shown in your Profile Information section.


This section of your Activity Log was previously explained, but it essentially contains all of the information about your pals.

It informs you about your Facebook connections, your listed family members, and your anniversaries.

Actions And Other Activities That Have Been Logged

The Activity Log’s last part includes previous videos you’ve viewed.

It will display any videos that you have watched after clicking on them.

It also informs you of any gadgets that share your login credentials with your Facebook account.

Other valuable login information may also be found in this area of the Activity Log.

Wrap Up

In these given ways and method you can find out for how long someone has been friends on facebook. Hope you now have understood everything, remember sharing is caring.

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