How To Find Facebook Groups Of Someone

How Do You See What Facebook Groups Someone Is In

Facebook groups are a wonderful method for individuals who have common interests to come together and talk about something they care about. They’re also fantastic for meeting new people and becoming involved in a community of like-minded people.

You may not know where to begin when searching for a group to join. However, like with many things in life, your friends may be able to assist you! Here’s how to view all of the groups your friends are a part of on Facebook.

How to Find Facebook Groups Your Friends Are in

In Facebook’s Groups tab, you can see which Facebook groups your friends are a part of. Here’s how to do it from your PC’s Facebook page or the Android / iOS mobile app:


  1. Sign in to your Facebook account using the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Tap the Groups button after tapping the three bars in the top right corner.
  3. At the top of the Groups page, tap Discover.
  4. Tap See All after scrolling down to the Friend’s Groups area (you may have to go a long way).
  5. On the next screen, a list of your friends’ groups will appear. To discover more about an organization, touch its name, or hit the Join icon to become a member.


  1. Sign in to your Facebook account using any web browser.
  2. In the menu on the far left of Facebook, choose Groups.
  3. On the Groups page, in the Friend’s Groups box on the far right, click See more.
  4. This page will show you which groups your friends have joined. To discover more about a group, just click its tile, or to join it, click the Join Group button.

Finding Out Which Facebook Groups a Friend Is a member of

Some publications claim that you may utilize Facebook’s Graph Search to discover groups that certain friends are a member of. Unfortunately, these articles are out of current since, owing to privacy concerns, Facebook has mostly disabled Graph Search capability. It’s no longer feasible to keep track of all the groups in which a certain buddy participates.

However, as long as the group is public, you can see who is in it and whose friends have joined:

To find out which groups your friends are a part of, use the technique outlined above.

To see the group’s page, click or touch the name of the group.

Tap See All in the top right corner of the About section on a mobile device, then See All to the right of Members. Click the More tab on the desktop, then Members.


On the next page, you can see which of your friends are members of this group.

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