How To Find Someone On Facebook Based On City

How To Find People On Facebook Based On City

You may limit your search for a person by location if you're looking for someone in a certain city. You may also use Facebook's advertising capabilities to tailor an advertising message to individuals in certain geographic regions. If you just want to learn more about a place, you may do a search for Facebook groups and pages connected to that location.

Lookup on Facebook by City

To do a Facebook lookup or search and filter it down by city, start by typing the person's name into the search box on the Facebook website or app. Then, to indicate that you're looking for a certain individual, select the “People” option.

Choose the city you wish to restrict the Facebook search to under the “Filter Results” choices. If the city you want isn't displayed right away, click or touch “Choose a City” and type in the name of the city.

This should narrow down your search to individuals who live in that city. You may also use the other search filter options to restrict your search to individuals who have worked at a certain company or attended a specific school.

Advertise to People Based on Their Location

If you're running Facebook advertising, you may want to target individuals who reside in or are visiting a certain city. This is particularly helpful for a local company that you intend to serve exclusively locals.

To do so, use Facebook's Location Targeting tool to choose a city, nation, or set of cities to target your ad towards. Choose whether you want to target your ad towards individuals who are presently in the area, people who have recently visited, people who reside there, or people who are visiting. If your company serves mostly to visitors, you may want to publish a travel ad, but if it primarily caters to locals, you may want to restrict the reach of your ad to residents.

You may frequently restrict your ad to individuals who reside in big cities or cities of a certain size if you select a larger region, such as a nation, state, or continent. This is helpful if your company provides a service or product that is targeted specifically at city residents or individuals who live outside of big cities.

Find City Pages and Groups

You can find Facebook groups and pages dedicated to a city if you want to learn more about it or interact with individuals who live there. You can usually discover them by entering the city's name into Facebook's search box or using nicknames for the place, such as Big Apple for New York. Look through the group and page descriptions for one or more that look interesting and may contain resources that are relevant to you or give a way to contact individuals in that city.

Before you may engage with the content posted there, certain groups may need you to join and agree to membership guidelines. Make sure you understand and follow any rules governing what can and cannot be posted on the group. Some may, for example, prohibit certain types of language or prohibit advertising. If you violate the rules, you risk enraging other members of the group or page, as well as having your contributions removed.

Final Thoughts

You may also look for listings of popular Facebook groups about a place by looking for stories in local media. Consider utilizing other social networking sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, to discover information about or from a city.

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