How To Find Someones Private Post Without Being Friend On Facebook

How To See Someone’s Private Posts Without Being Friend on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Because you can manage the appearance of your individual pictures on Facebook, you are willing to upload entertaining photos to a large degree.

The paradox is that although you value privacy protection, others are always curious. There are many reasons why you may wish to peek at private Facebook pictures.

When your friends hide pictures on Facebook, you want to know how to see private Facebook photos. As a result, keep reading to learn how to view hidden pictures on Facebook for free.

Part 1: How to look at private Facebook posts without having to know any computer languages

Instead of posting pictures to social networking sites, you may choose to conceal photos on Facebook for certain reasons.

But what should you do if you're curious about the picture and want to go through private Facebook photos?

You will be able to interact with your Facebook pals at that time.

For example, suppose you inform your friends that you want to see their private Facebook pictures. They either express their joy in sharing the pictures with you or their displeasure.

In any case, this should be the most straightforward and simple method to see your Facebook friends' private pictures.

Otherwise, here's another method to look at private Facebook posts:

On Facebook, you may see a portion of their profile information.

Step 1: Type the user's name into the search bar to find the individual whose private pictures you wish to view. Meanwhile, add him or her to your Facebook friends list.

Step 2: After you've completed requesting them as a friend, click Add a personal message to send them a note. It may be a little hazy, but it's always pleasant.

Step 3: Once they respond, you may go to their Facebook profile and see private Facebook pictures on their page, regardless of what they say.

You are not permitted to see private posts on Facebook Timeline if someone rejects your message or if this doesn't function at some time. You may also try some other effective methods.

To get access to private Facebook posts, create a phony Facebook account.

You may establish an identity that the individual will recognize and approve if you don't want to use your own Facebook account to add the one with concealed Facebook pictures.

Step 1: Click View Friends to get a preview of your bio. Look for someone who doesn't have a profile photo.

Step 2: Create a new Facebook account with the same name as the buddy you discovered but no photo.

Step 3: Create a phony Facebook account and add 20 of your target's friends as friends.

Step 4. Now you may return to clicking Add Friend to add your target and make it simple to accept. If you're successful, you'll be able to quickly see this target's concealed pictures on Facebook.

Part 2: Using a browser extension software to discover private Facebook posts.

You can really see private Facebook posts online using a number of extensions and applications.

Using Post mate, I Can See You, and Facebook profile photo revealer are some of the most popular extensions available in the Chrome web store.

And most users choose to use Grease monkey to see private Facebook pictures or JavaScript to view private Facebook photos.

And now, with the help of post mate, you'll be able to see any Facebook user's secret posts.

Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: Open the Chrome online store and type post mate into the top left search box.

Step 2: Locate post mate and click ADD TO CHROME; furthermore, adding takes time.

Before you test it, make sure post mate is enabled under Chrome Extensions.

Step 3: Go to the Facebook profile of the person.

Step 4: On the right side of the address bar, select post mate, then VIEW PHOTOS WITH ADS.

In the upper-right corner of a freshly launched window, press the SKIP AD button.

Step 5: It will locate the Numeric ID and do the graph search on your behalf. Then, in any browser, go to ID/photos of/. The hidden tagged pictures are visible.

At this moment, you may see that user's private Facebook posts. So, if you want to successfully access private Facebook pictures, you may try adding such apps.

Furthermore, such applications allow you to not only see private Facebook pictures for free, but also private Facebook photo albums.

You may go at any of the user's Facebook posts at your leisure.

If this technique fails to display all private Facebook posts, try the following:

In the Facebook search box, type in Wads Mob's name and then pictures like Wads Mob's photos or posts of Wads Mob, and then click See All.

It will reveal the Facebook friend's secret posts.

Part 3: How to look at private Facebook posts without being friends with them.

Now that you know how to see private Facebook pictures on Chrome, you can go on to the next step.

You may also see private Facebook posts without being their friend if you use such applications. You'll also have the option of seeing private Facebook pictures more readily.

With this method, you may even see pictures on a private Facebook profile from your phone.

Step 1: Visit the Facebook profile of the person whose private posts you'd want to view.

Step 2: After that, you'll look at the user's profile. The username may be found by looking at the profile URL. In general, it may be:

Step 3: In the URL, replace the username with your own:

Step 4: Replace the above-mentioned URL with in the final address.

All four of the above stages seem to be complicated, yet they are simple to implement.

You will not be able to view private Facebook posts on a user's profile if they have made their photos private on Facebook.

Part 4: Using Facebook ID to see someone's concealed posts on Facebook

This section will teach you how to get a Facebook owner ID in order to see private Facebook posts.

Step 1: Go to the timeline of the person whose secret posts you wish to see. It should be something along the lines of

Step 2: Go to and put the URL into the box there. To get the Facebook owner id, click the submit button.

Step 3: Paste the URL id/photos-of/ into any browser to add the Facebook owner id you found on the /Facebook id/ to your Facebook account.

Last Words

In your browser, you may now see private Facebook posts of the person you wish to see.

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