How To Find Who Has Visited Your Profile On Facebook

Can You Really See Who Viewed Your Profile On Facebook

One of the most often asked topics on Facebook is if you can see who has looked at your profile. In reality, a simple scan of the results reveals hundreds of applications and services that promise to provide access to this data.

Should you trust them, though? Is there a method to find out who has looked at your Facebook profile? We address that question and debunk some of the misconceptions around this topic in this post.

Is it possible to see who visits your Facebook profile?

Despite the fact that this is one of the most popular Facebook misconceptions, many users remain hopeful. However, according to Facebook, there is no way to see who has seen your Facebook page.

Facebook verified this in a Help Center response, stating:

No, Facebook does not allow users to see who visits their profile. This feature is also unavailable in third-party applications. If you find an app that purports to have this capability, please report it.

Facebook keeps track of a number of factors, including your location, browsing history, and a range of other behaviors.

But the truth is that Facebook isn’t monitoring all of your data for you or your friends. This is for the advertising platform of the business. As a result, you will not be able to simply navigate through this material.

If Facebook did provide this data, you would be aware of it. Consider LinkedIn. Notifications that their profile has been seen are often sent to users who do not have a premium membership. You may pay for the premium plan to see who has visited your LinkedIn profile.

The network often promotes this fact. Facebook, on the other hand, does not provide this information to its users. This is most likely related to the fact that LinkedIn is primarily a professional network, while Facebook is primarily a social networking site.

Having the ability to see who has seen your Facebook page may be humiliating for those who have done so, particularly exes, hidden admirers, or acquaintances.

Allowing Facebook users to see profile visitors will certainly discourage individuals from utilizing the service. As a result, the business does not make this information available via any app or public source code.

Apps to See Who Has Looked at Your Facebook Page

So, why do so many applications promise that you can see who has seen your profile if you can’t? A lot of this has to do with data collection.

The Cambridge Analytica data-mining scandal brought to light exactly how much data can be gathered via applications. Many questionable applications have been removed from Facebook, but there are always exceptions.

The best-case scenario (which is still not ideal) is that these applications are selling your information to advertisers. The worst-case scenario is that the applications are really viruses disguised as programs. Malware may be used to obtain credit card details and other sensitive data in the latter instance, which is particularly concerning.

In any case, none of these applications are genuine. Facebook also suggests reporting any app that purports to have this functionality.

There’s still hope if you’ve already downloaded one of these applications. Read our instructions on how to withdraw app permissions on Facebook and what to do if your Facebook account has been hijacked to learn how to regain your privacy.

What Information Can You Find on Facebook?

While Facebook does not allow you to know who has seen your profile, you may get other information about it. However, this is done using official Facebook capabilities rather than third-party applications.

Facebook’s data policy has grown more stringent over time. As a consequence, many of the applications that provided profile summaries are no longer functioning or have extremely limited functionality. Even well-known websites like Klout shut down.

These kinds of services have seen a substantial drop in demand. This is mainly due to shifting rules and the fact that consumers are becoming more cautious about app permissions.

Despite this, there are a few Facebook tools you can utilize to obtain a quick overview of specific data. This information isn’t as comprehensive as it was in the past, when rules were more lenient.

You may use the See Friendship feature to see a summary of your interactions with a Facebook friend. You may use this tool by going to your friend’s profile page and selecting the dropdown menu adjacent to the message icon from the dropdown menu. You’ll be able to see your friendship history as well as older features like poking.

Your mutually tagged pictures, wall postings, and friendship history are all gathered on the See Friendship page. From friend to friend, the quantity of information on the website will vary.

Log of your Facebook activity

You may see information about your own Facebook activity by going to your activity log. This log may be viewed from the Facebook toolbar’s top-right dropdown menu. Simply go to Settings & privacy > Activity log to get started.

A summary of your posts, tags, interactions, and other information may be seen here. You may also look for particular actions in the log, such as a location check-in.

If your Facebook Page has more than 30 Likes, you can also go to the Facebook Insights page to learn more about its reach and followers. However, a Facebook Page is distinct from a personal Facebook profile in that it is public, as described in our Facebook Page vs. Group tutorial.

The Your Facebook information page, which you can access in your preferences, will provide you the most complete picture of the data Facebook has on you.

You may utilize the Access your information page to get a summary of your platform activity as well as any other information the social network holds about you.

You may also get a copy of your Facebook data and download it.

What Does Facebook Know About You?

We do know that Facebook has a lot of information about you. However, this does not imply that consumers have access to all of this data.

Final Words

 you cannot see who has visited your profile on Facebook. And any program that claims to be able to provide you with this information should be avoided.

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