How To Post Photos Directly from Facebook To Instagram

How To Post Photos Directly from Facebook To Instagram

While many individuals are still switching from Facebook to Instagram, others haven’t made the switch yet. And many people still use Facebook and Instagram. If you’re one of those people, I’m sure the idea of cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram has occurred to you at least once. In this article, we’ll show you how to publish from Facebook to Instagram at the same time.

When you wish to publish the same material on both platforms on a regular basis, cross-posting comes in handy. Consider how time-consuming it would be to open each app, look for the picture, and then upload it. Ugh! Fortunately, Facebook allows you to publish straight to Instagram, albeit with some limitations.

What exactly are they? And how do you publish to Instagram from Facebook? Let’s look for the answers in this section.

Is it Possible to Post from Facebook to Instagram?

Yes. You certainly can. The functionality, however, is only accessible for Facebook company pages. Instagram does not allow you to publish from your own Facebook page.

In addition, the functionality is now only available on the Facebook website. The Facebook mobile applications do not support cross-posting.

Is it OK if we cross-post stories?

No. Currently, stories are not supported. Only posts may be directly uploaded from Facebook to Instagram at the moment.

How to Post to Instagram from Facebook

You must connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page in order to publish material from Facebook to Instagram. Only once that has been accomplished can you cross-post. Please note that you will not be able to publish from Instagram to Facebook if you do so. You’ll need to connect them in the Instagram app to do so. Following the link, you may use the two ways listed below to publish from Facebook to Instagram. Let’s start with how to connect a Facebook page to an Instagram account, then go on to the other two options.

Connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account

Step 1: Go to the Facebook website and open the Facebook page you wish to connect your Instagram to on your computer.

Step 2: On the page, on the left sidebar, choose Settings.

Step3: Select Instagram from the left sidebar.

Step 4: Next to ‘Add your Instagram,’ click the Login button and sign in using your Instagram credentials.

Let’s have a look at the two techniques now.


Method1: Direct Publication

You must choose Instagram every time you make a post using this technique. Don’t be perplexed. The steps are outlined in full below.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook profile and log in.

Step 2: Select the Write a post/Create a post option from the drop-down menu. Hopefully, you’ll be able to upload to Instagram.

Step 3: Upload a picture and choose Instagram from the drop-down menu. Finally, click the Share Now option to share your work. Your picture will be shared on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Method 2: Using Facebook Business, Publish Facebook Posts to Instagram

You’ll use Facebook Business to cross-post from Facebook to Instagram in this manner. Facebook Business Suite includes a number of features that allow you to manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts in one location. You can monitor Facebook and Instagram messages in one location, make posts, get analytics, and much more.

The steps are as follows:

Step1: Link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, as described in the Link Facebook page with Instagram section above. If it doesn’t work, you may also use Facebook Business to connect to Instagram.

Go to to do so. Check that the correct Facebook page is shown in the top-left corner. If you have several Facebook pages, use the tiny arrow next to the page name to move between them.

When you’re on the correct page, go to the left sidebar and choose Settings.

From the left sidebar, choose Instagram connection and log in with your Instagram account to connect to it using the Connect account button.

Step 2: In the left sidebar of Facebook Business, select Home after the accounts have been properly linked.

Step 3: Select “Create post” from the drop-down menu.

Step4: You’ll see a new window pop up. Using the Add picture/Add video buttons, upload your photo or video. Make sure the Instagram option is checked under Placements. Last but not least, press the Publish button.

On a mobile device, you may share Facebook posts to Instagram.

Because the aforementioned techniques are not supported by the Facebook mobile applications, you may attempt an alternate approach or a hack to cross-post.

By touching on any published picture on Facebook, you may see it. The picture will now be shown in full-screen mode. Then, in the top-right area, touch the three-dot symbol and choose Share external.

Select Feed from the menu. This will take you to the Instagram app, where you may see the picture. You may also opt to share it on Instagram stories by selecting Stories. Finally, make it public on Instagram.

Even while the technique described above isn’t the best way to cross-post, it has its advantages. It may be used for both personal and business sites, for example. To utilize this technique, you don’t even need to be logged into Instagram on the Facebook app.

Make Use of Third-Party Websites

If none of the previous options work for you, you may use a third-party service like Hootsuite. It is a free plan that allows you to connect up to three social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. You may even cross-post on other social media platforms if you upgrade to the premium version.

Consider the following:

To recap, here’s what you should be aware of when utilizing Facebook’s built-in cross-posting function.

The functionality is only available on Facebook pages.

You can’t use Instagram to share an old Facebook post.

Instagram and Facebook do not allow cross-posting of stories.

Is There a Valuable Alternative?

As you can see from the examples above, the ability to cross-post from Facebook to Instagram is presently restricted in a number of ways. Cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook, on the other hand, is a whole other story.

So, rather than utilizing Facebook as your main posting platform, you should start with Instagram and then utilize its features to publish to Facebook. You’ll be able to cross-post from mobile applications as a result. Not only can you write posts, but you can also publish tales using this function.

You may also use it to create personal Facebook profiles. That is, you may share content from your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Bottom Line

While cross-posting is quite useful, it does have certain disadvantages. For starters, the Instagram and Facebook audiences are not the same. Only use it when the post is intended for both audiences. Second, cross-posting does not always work. A confirmation message may appear, but it is not shown. You should always check Instagram after cross-posting from Facebook or vice versa to prevent this.