How To Use Side By Side Pictures On Facebook

How Do I Put Two Photos Side By Side When Posting On Facebook

The basic task of placing two photos side by side is more difficult than it seems when using other photo editing tools, but PicMonkey makes it a breeze. Instead of displaying six, seven, or ten images, you may choose a two-cell collage and make a side-by-side shot quicker than you can say “twice the fun.”

We'll teach you how to place two pictures side by side in PicMonkey, look at some particular instances of side-by-side photos and how to utilize them, and use the mobile app to pair up photos on the move. Let's get started!

Steps for placing two pictures side by side in a hurry:

  1. In PicMonkey, use the collage tool and choose a layout with two cells.
  2. Navigate to the Photos & Video page to upload your pictures or explore our stock library.
  3. Drag your pictures into the appropriate cells.

There you have it! PicMonkey allows you to download your design or post it straight to social media.

Let's go through this in detail now!

How can I place two pictures next to each other?

  1. In PicMonkey, choose Collage from the Create new menu.
  2. In the top right corner, you'll be prompted to choose a canvas size—you may choose from popular social media sizes, basic print sizes, or input your own measurements in pixels.
  3. Next, decide on a collage arrangement. Because we're placing two pictures next to each other. Select a layout with two cells (you can adjust the cell width and height later, as well as the padding around the cells).
  4. Insert your pictures into the collage now. Click Add picture or video from the Photos & Video menu. This allows you to upload your own pictures (or pick from our stock collection) and then drag them into appropriate cells.
  5. Once you've uploaded both of your pictures, you can modify the padding around the images by dragging the Space slider to add or remove spacing around the images. When the slider is set to 0%, all padding is removed, resulting in a smooth side-by-side picture.
  6. Finally, all that remains is to save or share your side-by-side picture!

5 creative ways to utilize side-by-side pictures

Instead of asking what to do with your side-by-side picture, ask what you can't do with a double-image photo. It's ideal for before-and-after pictures, displaying the passage of time, generating a “this or that” poll, or just displaying dual images of your goods or services. Here are some popular applications for your side-by-side pictures.

  1. Create a before and after Facebook cover photo.

Launch the Collage tool from the top toolbar to make a Facebook cover before-and-after picture (or any side-by-side photo cover), then choose the appropriate canvas size for your cover. Select a layout and insert your pictures into the collage. Do they need to be cropped or resized first? Do this before launching the collage, and then choose the modified photos from your PicMonkey cloud storage to fill the cells.

Did you know that? You may overlay text and images on top of your collage. To truly make your words stand out, try adding a simple shape image, such as a rectangle or circle, and then placing text on top.

  1. Make a YouTube thumbnail with two pictures next to each other.

Side-by-side pictures are ideal for tutorials and how-to videos because they allow you to compare and contrast the before and after stages of whatever you're showing, whether it's photo editing, hair braiding, power washing, or the new favorite genre of Instagram behind-the-scenes photos.

To create a mirror-image effect with your two pictures, just turn one of them to face the other using the black/white arrows in the Image Cell Tools.

  1. Select an Instagram post that compares two outfits side by side.

Use a simple side-by-side picture collage to present a “this or that style” post on Instagram. Compare how the same clothing was dressed in two distinct ways, or which OOTD was worn better. The possibilities are endless.

Design tip: You may mix and match typefaces in a single design to provide aesthetic interest or to distinguish your own logo or watermark from the post content. Do you need any assistance? Examine out: 30 Font Combinations for All Your Designs

  1. Create a Facebook ad that is half-photo and half-aesthetic.

Combine two pictures to create a narrative about your business, ideal for a Facebook or Instagram ad. Choose one picture of your product and match it with another shot that is heavy on the aesthetics to create the mood—think wooly socks/campfire, vegan soap/plants, lingerie/velvet settee…you get the idea.

Advertising know-how: Text is permitted on Facebook and Instagram advertisements as long as it does not cover more than 20% of the picture. For additional information, see Facebook's Best Practices For Image Ads.

  1. Make a Pinterest-friendly seamless side-by-side picture.

To make a smooth side-by-side picture (who knows where one photo begins and the other begins?) Make advantage of our one-click Background Remover's power. Remove the background from each of the pictures you wish to use and save them in Hub. Next, make a single “seamless” background that spans the whole post (no collage tool needed for this design, but you could use the single-cell layout if you prefer). Then choose Add a picture and upload your backgroundless images, arranging them as desired.

Did you know that? When you link your account, you may export your Pinterest creations straight to your preferred Pinterest board. Select your destination by clicking Share in the top toolbar.

One Last Thought

From the PicMonkey mobile app, you can quickly make a before and after Instagram post or a picture with two images next to each other to send to your group chat.

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