Know Some Of The Funniest Pages On Facebook

What Are Some Of Funniest Pages On Facebook

Memes, in my opinion, are what makes Facebook so fascinating right now. People use Facebook to read memes and tag one another in relevant memes, among other things. This concludes our discussion. These pages, I believe, are generating some interaction on Facebook. Aside from that, the majority of people are turning away from it. The new platform is Instagram.

However, whenever I go to Facebook, it's only to check the content of the pages that follow. The material is current and includes a lot of nonsense, but no nonsense. If you get my drift! Following these Facebook pages for Indian memes is something I would suggest.


Memes is a Facebook page that was founded in November 2012 and has 16 million followers. As a result, the website offers a wide range of memes, including celebrities, caustic one-liners, epic tweets, and more. This page is chock-full of the finest in comedic material. This is definitely a page that should be checked out.

As of early 2014, this page had over 5.9 million followers. It creates unique Indian memes and even turns current events into funny jokes. You won't really die from laughing, despite the title. This meme page's goal, however, is just that.

There is no need for a definition; the title says everything. This website is jam-packed with badass memes based on great artwork. Even the creators had no idea that their works of art would be utilized in such a unique way (pun intended). If you know what I mean, the page has just 5.2 million likes.

Of all the pages, this one gets the most likes. I'm not sure what the deal is. However, I was late to the meme game when I discovered this website. There are now 3.5 million likes on this page.

This page, which was created in 2016, has exploded in popularity. The reason this account has 3.3 million followers is simple: it posts the funniest memes on the internet. On a daily basis, hand-picked memes from Twitter and other platforms are published, and you may explore endlessly while smirking and laughing. It's all true.

The title alluded to the kind of memes dealt with on this page. Don't be fooled by the name; it goes beyond the clichéd gf-bf memes to provide you with new material, situational comedy, and ideas that will bring out your inner devil, who will laugh off and smile at the memes it serves. Yes, I suppose that's why they have over 3.1 million likes and followers.

Unlike its elder relative, which I mentioned in the second place, this page has the same goal in mind, namely, to kill you with a nice dose of comedy. It was founded in the same year of 2014, but it has just recently surpassed 3 million followers. The material, however, is genuine and amusing. And isn't that what you want from a meme site?

If you're on the page, you'll get a good dose of desi comedy thanks to its 2.5 million followers and likes. Indian memes and things that desis may connect to are highly valued in this country. So, if you're a fan of Hindi and the comedy it produces, you'll fall head over heels for this page.

 I'm a big fan of sarcasm (who isn't?)

This page is renowned for, but not limited to, its movie-related memes, since it has over 2.4 million likes. If you don't know who Chandler Bing a.k.a Matthew Perry is, go watch Chotta Bheem.

I'm not sure whether the memes on this website melt steel beams, but they're certainly dank. The greatest thing is that they haven't missed a single opportunity to poke fun at themselves. Dank memes of all sorts may be found in their most vile form, which I suppose explains why they have 2.4 million likes and followers.

Meme Society

Meme society has almost 1.5 million followers and likes since it was founded on November 14th, 2016 (not that it matters). The memes are new, hilarious, and cover a wide range of topics. They have everything, from political sot science to stoned memes. Don't worry; they'll make you chuckle with their memes. Allow yourself to do so.


Since 2009-10, I've been a fan of this page. They started off as a Facebook app that would create random remarks for your friends for fun. It's now a meme website. Manish is the proprietor. Its Facebook page currently has 1.6 million likes.

Bollywood memes are made up of gags from the most recent Bollywood series, programs, and films, as well as anything else that can be turned into a cute meme. This meme page is ideal for you if you like and follow Indian stuff, since it has over 1.3 million likes.

Memes About Animals

Animals are adored by everyone. Especially when they're included in amusing memes. This page, too, went through the similar thinking process, which is why it's called Animal Memes. This meme page focuses on making situational, purposeful, and hilarious animal memes. It's no surprise they have over a million fans.

Extreme Meme

With their out-of-the-box meme collection, Meme Extreme takes it a step too far. From sarcasm to dark humor, they've got it all. The page has more than 1.1 million followers and a million likes.

With over 1.1 million likes, this page has gained a lot of popularity among meme fans. They also cover other subjects such as fashion, news, and pop culture. So, even if memes aren't your thing, you can still enjoy yourself by visiting this website.


It was on this website that I first learned about memes. It was a non-explanatory language. It drew my interest and, eventually, my affection. In 2012, I first learned about memes, and I've been a huge fan ever since. A total of 1.1 million people have liked the page.

Billi, BC

The grouchy cat in India. There's a lot of information on this page that you may share. They like watching Set Max and watching the movie Sooryavansham. Their Facebook page currently has 9287k likes. From bakchod billi to BC billi, they just changed their name.

Follow these Facebook sites to keep your news feeds fresh and funny. If you have any more pages to add, please do so in the comments section and I'll include them in the article.

Wrap Up

So that's all there is to it; keep tuned for future updates and additions to this list. Check out the rest of our meme-related articles…. You can never have too many memes, can you?

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