Know The Meaning Of Push Notifications On Facebook

What Do You Mean By Push Notifications On Facebook

When your phone is locked or you are not actively surfing Facebook, you will get push notifications. Consider a Facebook push notification to be an alert that comes via the closed app to notify you of any Facebook activity that may be of interest to you.

If you don't want to miss a remark, message, livestream, or anything else on Facebook, utilize push notifications.

Activate or deactivate each Facebook Push Notification.

To ensure that Facebook only sends you the notifications you desire, go to Notifications Settings and change the Push option for each notification.

  1. Sign in using a web browser or the Facebook mobile app.
  2. On, click the down arrow in the upper-right corner. On the mobile app, tap the three lines in the lower-right corner.
  3. On and the app, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  4. On, go to the left pane and click Notifications. Scroll down to Notifications and choose Notification Settings from the mobile app.
  5. You can view the various Facebook alerts you may get under What Notifications You Receive. To change the Push setting for a notification, select it.

Turn the Push setting on or off.

You have the ability to send the following Facebook notifications:

Comments: Notifies you of new comments as well as responses to your posts and comments.

Tags: Notifies you when you've been tagged in a post or remark.

Reminders: This feature reminds you of any Facebook updates that you may have missed.

More Activity About You: Notifies you when someone publishes to your timeline, when people like your posts, and other similar events.

Friends' Status Updates: Notifies you when your friends change their statuses or upload photos.

Friend Requests: Notifies you when someone sends you or accepts your friend request.

Individuals You Might Know: Suggests people you might like to friend on Facebook based on your existing Facebook friends and their friends.

Birthdays: Notifies you when a friend's birthday arrives.

Groups: Notifies you when new posts are made in the different groups you are a member of.

To change the Push setting for a group, you must first select it.

Videos: Notifies you when individuals or pages you follow on Facebook go live.

Events: Receive notifications and reminders about upcoming events that you are interested in.

Notifications about activity on the pages you follow: Notifications about activity on the pages you follow.

Notifications on goods for sale in the marketplace that you may be interested in.

Fundraisers and disasters: Receive alerts when friends mark themselves safe on Facebook, organize or participate in fundraisers and charity events, or make contributions.

Other Alerts: This category includes all other Facebook notifications, such as app or game requests, deals that are about to expire, and local eateries.

Set the Allow Notifications on Facebook option to Off if you don't want to receive a certain kind of notification. This option is placed above the Push setting for each notification. This option is not available for all notifications, such as Comments, Tags, and Friend Requests. You may also unsubscribe from Facebook alerts.

Turn on or off Facebook Push Notifications in your browser.

If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, you may choose whether or not to get Facebook alerts in your browser.

Navigate to Settings & Privacy > Security on Settings > Notifications > Notification Methods > Browser

To disable Facebook push notifications on the browser, toggle the browser's Push Notifications option to On or Off, or choose Mute Notifications.

You can also modify the Noises settings for Facebook push notifications in this area to turn sounds on or off when a notice or message is received.

Turn on or off Facebook Push Notifications in the Mobile App.

To change your Facebook mobile app's push notification settings, follow these steps:

  1. In the lower-right corner of the screen, press the Menu button.
  2. Choose Settings & Privacy.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Select Notifications from the Preferences menu.
  5. Turn the Mute Push Alerts option to On to silence your Facebook push notifications. Keep the setting turned off if you want to continue getting Facebook push notifications.
  6. When you silence push alerts, a screen with time increments ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours appears. Set a timer to silence Facebook push notifications from the mobile app.
  7. Otherwise, choose particular items under What Notifications You Receive to adjust their alerts separately.
  8. When you choose a heading, you may specify which kind of alerts you want to receive, if any. You may utilize any combination of the app's messages, emails, and alerts, or you can turn them completely off for that alert type.

Final Words

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