know The Similarities Between Facebook Chat And Messenger

What Is The Difference Between Messenger And Facebook

Facebook's private messaging feature allows users to communicate privately with one another. This holds true for both individual users and business-to-business communications. On the other hand, messaging on the desktop takes place via Facebook chat, while messaging on mobile takes place through a separate Facebook app called Messenger.

They're not the same thing – as a frequent user, you'll soon realize that there are certain things you can do on the desktop version of Facebook chat that you can't do on the mobile version, and vice versa. What are the main differences and similarities between Facebook Chat and Messenger? Check out the list below so you're not caught off guard while you're on the move!

  1. Key Similarities Between Facebook Chat and Messenger

Facebook chat and Messenger have developed over time to build a well-integrated ecosystem. On both the desktop and mobile versions of the Facebook chat, there are several things you can do in this ecosystem. These are some of them:

Calls via video and voice

Users can make video and voice calls using Facebook chat and messenger. By clicking on the buttons at the top of the chat box on both desktop and mobile, you may start video or audio calls.

Conversations in groups

Users may establish group conversations and invite several people to them on both Facebook chat and Messenger.

Sharing of images and videos

Both Facebook Chat and Messenger allow users to exchange movies and pictures.

They can also react to conversations by sharing GIFs, emojis, and stickers.

Rooms for Messengers

Facebook rooms are video chats between one or more users in a specific group (up to 50 people). This is similar to a virtual hangout for a group of people. Facebook Chat for desktop and Messenger for mobile both have the feature. Anyone in your chat group may simply join the video chat in the room you've established for that group. In addition, anybody with the link to the messenger room may join the video chat by clicking it.

This differs from the video call function in that you can only call one person at a time with a video call, and no one else can join.

Actions and conversations

Users may silence discussions between themselves and other users for a few hours, enabling them to put off responding to chats when they don't have time.

Users may also choose to ignore, remove, or block other chats, based on their preference.

Both desktop chat and smartphone chat support these discussion activities.

Make your payments.

Through Facebook Chat and Messenger, you may transfer money to companies or individuals. As a result, paying or requesting money for services received immediately inside a private chat is simple.

Facebook Chat vs. Facebook Messenger: What's the Difference?

In the last part, we looked at the main features that are shared across Facebook Chat on desktop and Messenger on mobile. We'll look at the main distinctions in this part to see what we can and can't accomplish with each platform.

Sending Documents

This is an important distinction to keep in mind. Users may exchange files in a variety of formats, including PDF, Word, and Excel documents, via Facebook chat.

However, on Messenger for mobile (iOS and Android), sharing the same files with other users is not allowed.

Stories from Messengers

You can easily read tales in Messenger by going to the people section.

You can't see user stories on the desktop version of Facebook Chat. On the desktop, however, user articles appear at the top of the newsfeed.

sharing of a location

This function is only accessible on Messenger for mobile devices; it is not available on Facebook Chat for desktop devices. Instead, then using a separate app to share your position, Facebook has integrated a location-sharing function inside Messenger that enables your friends to track your current location for up to an hour.

Contacts Sync and Text

Messenger may be used as a primary texting app for mobile devices in addition to being used as an online messaging app. It syncs all of your contacts' phone numbers and, if you allow it, becomes your primary messaging app.

This functionality is not available in Facebook Chat for desktop.

Multitasking is a term used to describe the ability to do several (chat heads)

Messenger, a smartphone software, allows users to multitask between chats. This is because the chat button displays as a tiny chat head above your mobile screen while you're talking with other people.

You have complete control over switching from another program to the chat head. You can also have several chats open at the same time and flip between them.


Clips of audio (press and hold for the audio clip)

Apart from making a phone call, the Messenger app includes a function that enables users to communicate using audio snippets if they are bored of typing or just prefer it. To transmit an audio clip, the user must press and hold the mic button while speaking.

Their message is transmitted as an audio clip when they release the button. Facebook Chat does not have this functionality.

Play video games

Through Messenger, you may start and play games with your pals. These games, however, cannot be played straight from Facebook Chat for desktop.

In a group chat, you may also play games. To play games on your phone, you don't need to download any additional apps.


You now understand the similarities and differences between Facebook chat and Messenger, as well as what you can and cannot accomplish on either a desktop or mobile device. It's worth noting that Messenger is also accessible on the desktop through or as a separate desktop program from the Windows or Apple stores.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Messenger has all of the same functionality as Facebook Chat. However, several of Messenger's capabilities are not available in Facebook Chat on the desktop, as seen above.

You may now use Chat and Messenger on desktop and mobile knowing exactly what each can and cannot do.

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