Know What It Means Ghosting Someone On Facebook

What Does It Mean If A Guy Ghosting  Is Stil Friend On Facebook And Neither Deleted  On Snapchat

Things seemed to be going well, at least on the surface. You were on your way to a wonderful long-term relationship… until he ghosted you, disappearing without a trace. He's back now, “liking” photos from your recent vacation on Instagram and your beautiful selfies on Facebook. What's the matter with him? Here's a list of 11 items that may be causing your problem:

  1. He doesn't want to lose contact with her.

He's trying to sweeten you up so that he may remain on your mind and in your heart and have a chance to date you in the future if he wants to. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, He's the one who drove you out of his life, so he can't expect you to come back without first apologizing and admitting why he went missing in the first place.

  1. He is either unaware of or unconcerned by his awkwardness.

He could phone you and say hello, but that's uncomfortable as hell, particularly if he thinks you'll hang up on him. He can hide behind a screen and say hello in the form of “likes” on social media, at least. It's also an ingenious method to determine the temperature. If you don't “like” his things or contact him in a timely manner, he'll know you're totally unreachable. What a knucklehead.

  1. He doesn't want to be in your company, although…

He may have approved of your stunning selfie, but it doesn't imply he's looking for a second chance. He's simply hoping you'll THINK he's there so you'll keep the door open in case he comes back in.

  1. He's a slug.

He doesn't want to put out much effort. That's why he fled the first time, preferring to be remembered as a jerk rather than a man worthy of your attention. This whole “liking” thing fits right along with his nature. Instead of making a genuine effort, such as messaging or phoning you and having a genuine discussion, he will make a token attempt in the hopes of catching your attention.

  1. Yes, he is looking for attention.

The man who obsessively “likes” all of your social media postings may seem to want to lavish attention on you, but it's likely all about him. He's looking for the spotlight. He wants you to tell his friends about him. He wants to know that when he's around, your heart still skips a beat, therefore it's not about you at all. Don't be fooled by flattery.

  1. He thinks you'll still be up for some sex at some point.

He clearly loved you before he ghosted you, and now that he sees you looking happy and beautiful on social media, he's hoping you'll still be available if he needs someone on a Saturday night when he's bored or horny. He may booty call you at a later date without feeling uncomfortable about it if he “likes” his way back into your good books. No way, no how.

  1. He wants you to believe he's interested in you.

He's a conceited jerk who believes he can walk back into your life in any shape or form and get a standing ovation. He may even do it to boost his own ego by demonstrating that he can still pique your attention if he so desires.

  1. He's in a nostalgic mood.

He couldn't help but be taken back in time when he saw you looking joyful on Instagram, so he ended up reading through all of your postings on his little nostalgia journey. But it doesn't imply he wants another chance with you. If he did, he'd be putting a lot more work into it than just “liking” a beach selfie.

  1. He feels remorse.

Perhaps his social media activities stem from a sense of shame about what he did — and he should be remorseful since he lost out on an incredible lady! Don't feel sorry for him in any case. If he thinks “liking” your social media postings would make up for what he did to you, he's a jerk.

  1. He's curious whether you've moved on.

He went on Facebook and decided to look at your page since you're still listed as friends. He was curious as to what you've been up to and whether or not you're dating anybody else. He “liked” your photos because he enjoys the fact that you are still unmarried. He may be one of those competitive men who not only doesn't want to be with you, but also doesn't want you to date anybody else. If you're still single, there's always the possibility of catching up between the sheets (or so he thinks).

  1. It's just a few “likes” – it's not a big deal.

Of course, there's always the possibility that he's simply “liking” everyone's postings. See whether he's “liking” any of his other friends' or followers' holiday photos and status updates. It's important to remember that a “like” doesn't have to imply anything else. If they annoy you, just block the individual. He deserves it after he ghosted you.


So, these all can be the reasons for a guy ghosting someone is still a friend on facebook and doesnot even delete it from snapchat. Hope you like the reasons explained above.

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