Know What It Means If Someone Unblocked You After Two Months Of Break Up

What Does It Mean If My Ex Unblocked Me On Facebook  After Two Months Of Break Up

Your ex may have unblocked you on facebook for a variety of reasons.

I’ll go through the most common causes below since I believe it’s critical that we understand the issue before making any choices about how to handle it.

  1. Your ex no longer despises you.

Hatred is a powerful emotion. It has the power to persuade anybody to behave in extreme ways.

One of the most frequent methods for an ex to express their anger and hatred is to avoid contact.If your ex has had time to process their feelings, process the breakup, make peace with what occurred, and forgive you, I wouldn’t be shocked if they unblock you even if they don’t contact out.We may infer this if, at the time of the breakup, it was clear that he or she despised you and terminated all contact on that note.

If they have unblocked you since then, it is quite probable that their hatred has faded and they are now ambivalent about you.Keep in mind that the polar opposite of hatred is apathy, not love.

  1. Your ex-lover misses you

Not only the dumpee seeks no contact; the dumper may do the same if they want to move on or escape the consequences of their choice to separate.I’ve seen individuals who desired a clean split employ the no-contact rule on their ex, only to alter their minds later on.The dumpee is in the same boat.When there is no communication and an ex resorts to banning you on social media, there is a good possibility that when they start missing you, their curiosity and desire will influence their choice to unblock you.Whether or whether they reach out is a whole other story.However, the most frequent response to missing an ex is to unblock you in order to see your updates or to offer oneself the opportunity to contact you in the future.I recall my ex blocking me on Instagram for almost a year.We didn’t have bad blood at the time, but around a year later, I noticed her profile show up on my recommendations, which shocked me.The only conclusion I could reach was that she either missed me or wanted to check in on me.I never bothered to find out since I had moved on, but it was worth noting.

  1. Your ex is going through a difficult time.

When we are in pain, whether from a loss, a setback, a breakup, or anything else, we tend to go back in time.We attempt to recall a moment when we were last joyful and satisfied.There was a period when this heartbreak did not exist.If your ex is going through anything difficult and one of his or her sources of happiness was their connection with you, they will most likely unblock you.I’d even go so far as to suggest they’d contact you eventually.This is very frequent when an ex has been rejected or discarded and is now searching for a source of consolation.Usually, the source is an old lover or an ex.When they have moved beyond the pain or problems that have impacted them, most individuals look back with rose-colored glasses.This is why your ex is now unblocking you when they are having a hard time.They’re remembering their positive interactions with you.

  1. Your ex wants to apologise.

An ex who screws up or terminates a relationship may leave because they are unable to deal with the repercussions of their actions.It’s not a bold or courageous act, but I don’t want to criticize anybody since we all deal with difficult circumstances differently.All of us have an inherent urge for self-preservation.When someone feels threatened, they have the option of fighting or fleeing.If they choose to flee, they will stop communicating with you and block you.But the sense of danger will fade, and if their guilt begins to gnaw at them, it will only be a matter of time before they attempt to make apologies.Unblocking an ex is one of the first steps in making apologies.They’ll unblock you to determine how you’re feeling and if it’s safe or suitable to seek out.They would not unblock you unless they were thinking about apologizing or checking up on you.Do men ever feel bad about losing a nice girl?

  1. Your ex called to see how you were doing.

When you spend a considerable amount of time with someone only to break connections permanently, it’s natural to worry about them on occasion.When your ex blocked you, he or she most likely felt as if it was a matter of life and death.However, now that time has passed, they may believe it is safe to unblock you and check in on you.This does not imply that your ex intends to contact you.They’re just interested in what you’re up to in life, who you may be dating, how you look, and how you’re coping with the breakup.Why hasn’t my ex contacted me after unblocking me.Most of the time, your ex will unblock you without intending to contact you.They just want to check in on you and leave the possibility of becoming linked on any of these social media sites open.You should not anticipate them to contact you since they may never do so.

Another reason your ex unblocked you is because they are unsure.

They are considering reaching out, but they are plagued by doubt and confusion.You’ll simply have to wait and watch till they decide if it’s something they want to do.Your ex may be waiting for you to initiate contact.I know it’s strange, considering that they were the ones who barred you, but their pride may be preventing them from reaching out.So, by unblocking you, they’re taking a passive step toward interaction, expecting that you’ll ultimately friend or reach out to them.

Should you violate no contact and contact your unblocked ex?

If you are actively practicing no contact, I recommend that you avoid contacting your ex.Just because they have unblocked you does not imply that they are ready to speak or reconcile.It’s simply the beginning of a potential reconciliation.I usually tell my coaching clients not to read too much into this scenario.You’ll find yourself following or obsessing over your ex online, undoing all of your efforts to move on.There should be no extended interaction.The only time you should cut off communication is if your ex contacts you or if you were the one who ended the relationship.Otherwise, doing nothing is a bad idea.My suggestion to you is to concentrate on yourself.Don’t use this incident to justify reversing all of your previous accomplishments.Carry on with your life as though your ex is still blocking you.Concentrate all of your efforts on getting away from them.If nothing comes of this, this will help you prevent disappointment, more rejection, and heartache.The worst-case scenario is that you contact them just to be banned again.I’ve seen this happen with a lot of men and even ladies who misinterpret an ex’s unblocking as an opportunity to restore contact.

To summarize

At this point, I believe we can say with confidence that your ex unblocked you but hasn’t reached out to you because they are unsure or, at the very least, feeling uncertainty. In other instances, they just unblocked you to see what you’ve been up to, with no intention of ever communicating to you again.My suggestion to you is to stop worrying about why your ex hasn’t unblocked you or hasn’t contacted out.Your primary emphasis should be on moving on with your life.It’s pointless to stalk your ex online or wait for him or her to contact you. Just because you want them to doesn’t imply they’ll do it.This conduct, if anything, will leave you feeling very uncomfortable and irritated.Even waiting for your ex to contact you is a kind of investment in them that you should avoid.It is much more effective to pretend you didn’t see anything and go about your business with no interaction. Great if they reach out! If they don’t, that’s fantastic!

The only thing you have control over is yourself, therefore I urge you to do what is wise and right for you rather than being trapped into a waiting game that will push you to do things that will sabotage all of your work toward moving on.

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