Know What Open Relationship Mean On Facebook

What Is Mean By An Open Relationship On facebook

This choice has always seemed to me to be one of the options accessible when someone is attempting to express their relationship status, particularly on Facebook. It has never bothered me since I have never given much thought to what it means to be in an open relationship. But now that I know what it’s all about, I’m a little taken aback.

Here’s what it means to have an open relationship.

An open relationship may simply be defined as any kind of relationship in which one or both parties are willing to experience sexual intercourse with individuals other than their spouse. This also implies that you are only allowed to have emotional intimacy with your spouse, but you are free to have physical closeness with other people.

An open relationship is an interpersonal connection in which the partners desire to be together but agree to a type of non-monogamous relationship, according to Wikipedia. This indicates that they accept, permit, or endure a romantic or personal connection with another individual.

But I wondered whether this might be considered cheating, so I did some more research to better understand an open relationship and discovered that it is not cheating as long as both parties are aware of it.

As I write, I’m still not convinced that open relationships are a good idea. When it comes to sexual intimacy, I think that once you’re in a relationship, you’re meant to stick to that one person.

Of course, we have differences, but I can’t accept them on my own terms; nevertheless, anybody is free to explore it if they believe it is the greatest way for them to experience a different kind of interpersonal closeness.

The fact is that open relationships are not new; they have been acknowledged since the 1970s, and people have been coping with them since then, but they were not as common back then as they are now.

I’ve come to realize that individuals become tired with one spouse and want to test out others while maintaining their connection with their current partner. If both parties agree to be in an open relationship, I believe they were never in a partnership to begin with. It would be more acceptable for them to refer to their friendship as friendship rather than a relationship.

There’s more to this open relationship of things; why do people follow that concept, who are the individuals that follow that idea, and has there ever been a successful open relationship?

Final Thoughts

I hope you still feel comfortable keeping your Facebook relationship status option set to “Open Relationship.” The decision is yours; it is your life. If you don’t want to leave the option open but enjoy the concept, you may alter your status to Open Relationship right now.

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