Know Why Someone Checks Their Past Friends On Facebook

Why Do Guys Check Past Lovers On Social Media When Their Girlfriend Isint Around

“Checking out to past lovers on social media  can often bring back some pleasant emotions, but it may also trigger the cause for the split in the first place,” he adds. “This has the potential to reopen old, unhealed wounds and perpetuate harmful relationship patterns.”

Sure, they may have recovered a platonic relationship—or he may be staying in contact in case things don’t work out with you. Exes are sometimes seen as safety nets by men.

here are some reasons that describes why guys check their past lovers on social media

We’d all be better off not following our ex-partners on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, particularly when they upload gorgeous selfies that we still lust for. A full digital freeze-out, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily something a man wants to accomplish. A block or unfollow, you see, may cause post-relationship turmoil, and it can also make things more stranger when you have common connections.

“Depending on the nature of your connection with an ex, like their social media post may be a means to reconnect with old pals, or it could just be a show of friendship,” Klow adds. “It’d be interesting to know how the relationship ended.”

It is, however, a red flag.

  1. He is always hating on her.

Alyssa Andrews’ formal name is Alyssa Andrews.

It’s acceptable if he’s a little resentful, but if he’s saltier than #SaltBae and going out of his way to say how much she sucked, raise an eyebrow. He may be reminding himself why he isn’t with her in an effort to persuade himself that he is better off without her.

  1. He’s putting in a lot of effort in this relationship.

When some guys want to retaliate against their ex, they do this thing. They engage in an unofficial race with their ex to try who can achieve #RelationshipGoals status first. According to Klow, this may be motivated by worry, and it’s a match you don’t want to lose.

If he’s often saying stuff like, “My ex never loved American Pickers as much as you do!” Or, “She was constantly texting other individuals while we were eating supper.” Make your way to the hills. It may seem to be a praise, but he’s just comparing you to her. You should also flee. “This may be a cause for worry since he is still caught up in the past and has not addressed elements of that relationship,” Klow adds.

  1. He still wears the custom T-shirt she made for him.

That Taylor Swift inside joke was undoubtedly funny back in 2013, but it’s now simply uncomfortable for everyone who sees it. He should have gotten rid of it, returned it to her, or set it on fire. However, Greer points out that individuals retain keepsakes from previous relationships for the memories, so it’s not necessarily an indication he’s not over his ex—but it might be. Greer suggests talking about why he feels the need to save these memories. According to Klow, it’s quite conceivable that he views it as a memory of a good moment, or that he’s clinging to the past.

  1. He remains close to her family.

When you break up with someone, you usually cease spending out with his or her family. But if he claims he’s still close to his former’s parents, despite the fact that he “doesn’t speak to my ex at all,” that’s a red flag. I’m going to be honest: there’s probably a part of him that hopes this keeps them connected. According to Greer, it’s conceivable that he’s moved on from his ex and just loves certain of her family members.

It also counts whether he has children with his ex—that makes a bit more sense, according to Klow. Perhaps it’s worth addressing as your relationship progresses.

Last Thoughts

 if you are worried about your boyfriend’s connection with his ex or how he currently speaks about her, it is critical that you discuss it. “The most essential thing to do is to start a polite, calm, and honest conversation about the reasons and issues that are causing those negative emotions and concerns,” Cilona adds. It’s quite conceivable that he’s unaware of how much his behaviors are bothering you—or how they’re coming across. Hopefully, you’ll be able to strike a happy medium together.

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