Know Why Someone Is Constantly Adding Or Liking Someone On Facebook

Why Is My Boyfriend Constantly Adding And Liking  Girls On Facebook

If your guy continues to add female Facebook friends, this is a cause for worry. It will raise a lot of questions about your guy and his devotion to the relationship.

So, what does it really imply if he continues to add female Facebook friends? What are the causes of your man’s uncomfortable behavior? Does that indicate he is not into you anymore? Is he looking for an opportunity to leave you? So, what should you do now?

Don’t worry, we’ll go through each and every question you have and bring out the real answers you’ve been looking for.

To begin, consider if it is really occurring or whether you are overthinking it:

Before delving further into why your guy is adding more and more female friends on Facebook, you need to first ask yourself if it is really occurring or not.

Yes, in some instances, we may just make judgments based on our worries and fantasies without first gathering evidence.

So, first collect some information.

Is your guy adding and liking random ladies or just those who are his coworkers or acquaintances?Are the female friends on your man’s Facebook simply from your area, or are they from far away?

So, after you know the answers to the above questions, you’ll be able to tell whether your guy is purposefully sending friend requests to new ladies online. You may go to the following section of this post after you are certain that he is sending friend requests to random attractive ladies online. Yes, determining the true cause of this behavior.

So, why does your man constantly adding and liking  female Facebook friends? Here are the four reasons why.

Although the reason why a guy continues to add female friends online may be based on his inner feelings, we may deduce a few typical reasons why men do this. Here are a few examples:

  1. He isn’t committed to the relationship:

Whether you agree or disagree, this is the most likely reason your spouse is looking for new ladies online. For example, if he is still unsure about you, has lost interest in you, is not emotionally connected to you, or is attempting to leave you, Whatever the situation may be, this conduct plainly indicates that your guy is not presently committed to the relationship.

Chances are he is not putting enough importance into the relationship and is just experimenting with various things, such as checking out other women, establishing new connections, meeting new people nearby, and so on.

  1. He enjoys strutting his stuff:

This is a narcissistic and self-aggrandizing era. Many individuals are fascinated with the amount of followers and friends they have on their social media profiles. Thus, the underlying thought of feeling better by having more online pals may be the source of your man’s irrational conduct.

He may believe that having more female Facebook friends equates to greater beauty and desirability. Perhaps he wants to feel proud in front of others by displaying his large number of female pals.

  1. He’s probably simply bored:

This is another reason why your man’s female buddy list may be growing by the day. Yes, he might be bored and, as a result, has been attempting to add more and more friends who are recommended on his Facebook page. Thus, even if he has no intention of talking with those ladies or seeing them in person, he might just be attempting to add those individuals he discovered while browsing through Facebook.

If you suspect that this is the situation with your boyfriend, he may be making some male acquaintances in addition to his female buddies. So, just check to see whether he’s adding random men in addition to those ladies online. If you find it to be accurate, it’s possible that you’re overthinking things and focusing on a tiny portion of the image that’s bothering you rather than viewing the whole picture.

  1. It may be a boost to his self-esteem:

We humans are constantly looking for a little attention from the other sex. Whether a guy is in a relationship or not, receiving the necessary approval from other women always makes him feel wonderful. He just loves the attention, which indirectly increases his self-esteem and ego.

So, think about it: what could be a simpler method for a guy to get approval from women than just issuing friend invitations with the click of a button? As a result, when some ladies accept his offer and become online friends, he gets the self-confidence boost he was looking for.

Although he may not want to cheat on you, approval from other women makes him feel good and attractive in his own eyes. This is particularly prevalent in males who have anxieties and low self-esteem. However, it is also prevalent among older guys who are confident in attracting the attention of young ladies.

What should you do if he continues to add  and like  female Facebook friends?

Being in a relationship does not imply that you or your boyfriend should stop enjoying your life or avoid conversing with individuals of the other gender. However, the pair must trust each other and have faith in his or her spouse. In reality, trust in one another is the cornerstone of every love connection.

So, to get to the point… What should you do if your guy continues to add female Facebook friends?

To begin, you must realize that ‘he does this because he wants to.’ You, on the other hand, do not want your boyfriend to send friend requests to women because it bothers you.

So, in a partnership, good communication is the greatest way to resolve any disagreements. Yes, just talk with him and express clearly that it does not feel good if he continues to add strange females on Facebook. Many individuals, particularly males, are less sensitive to emotions and may be unaware of what is going on in your head. So, if you have a problem with anything your spouse does, speak to him openly and explain why it bothers you. However, avoid passing judgment or criticizing him for his behavior, since this may make him defensive and less understanding.

If he really cares about your emotions and understands your sentiments, he would attempt to alter his conduct or, at the very least, make you feel safe by doing required actions.

Remember, even after dialogue, you must maintain an eye on this problem if your guy has a history of trust difficulties. Although you cannot make inferences based only on his Facebook page, you should keep an eye on his past activities. For example, if he has previously cheated on you or his ex, it is preferable that you gather further proof, such as if he is chatting to or flirting with new women online.

You may just trust your partner and your relationship if he has no previous problems. All you can do is express plainly that it does not feel nice for you, or just ask him why he is doing it. As a result, you and your partner must understand, communicate, and determine what is best for both of you.

If, on the other hand, your guy continues to engage in this conduct despite appropriate communication, you must explicitly inform him that it is detrimental to their relationship. You may also ask him how he would feel if you did the same thing and accepted friend requests from strange men online.

However, you must keep in mind that if you want your guy to quit doing something, you must also stop doing it yourself. So, if you don’t want your boyfriend to add strange female Facebook friends, you need prepare yourself to not add any random men to your page as well. Only then will he respect you and believe that all you said was solely for the sake of the relationship.


According to a recent research, individuals who attempt to make new acquaintances while in a relationship are less committed to their spouse. Simply put, men and women who were not serious about their relationship were more likely to add new friends (with romantic interest) on Facebook than those who were.