Know Why Your Ex Blocked You On Facebook

Why Did My Ex Block Me On Her Facebook

Millions of individuals experience a breakup out of 7.9 billion people, and many of them are banned by their ex-partners. Although going through breakup agony is very distressing, some individuals express their rage by banning their ex-partners. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering why my ex-girlfriend banned me on Facebook.

Throughout this essay, I will discuss this topic in the context of social media and offer professional advice. You will learn why she blocked you and how to get your ex-girlfriend to unblock you. We’ve previously spoken about what to do if your ex-girlfriend has banned you on Facebook.

You must read this post carefully to get a clear grasp of why my ex-girlfriend blocked me on everything. It will assist you in comprehending why your ex-girlfriend banned you on Facebook. Hopefully, this knowledge will be useful to you through your difficult times (post-breakup period).

Why has my ex-girlfriend unfriended me on Facebook? (5 Possible Causes)

When you search the internet, you will find a plethora of queries about blocking on social media sites. Many of you have inquired as to why my ex-girlfriend has banned me on Facebook. Several individuals are interested in learning more about social media in particular. Facebook seems to be difficult for many individuals, since they must cope with the split all over again.

Many individuals ask us on the internet what we need to do to become unblocked. How do I get my ex-girlfriend to unblock me? We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent reasons why your ex-girlfriend banned you on Facebook.

People often get enraged when their ex blocks them on social media. Even if information came from a reliable source, you may be unsure how to respond. Nonetheless, none of our elders ever taught us how to handle rejections and heartbreaks. That’s why we’re here: to show you how to cope with it and pull yourself together.

Women may block you for a variety of reasons, but it all comes down to what they want in the short or long term. Her short-term motives for blocking you may be irritation. Your ex-girlfriend may be furious with you, depressed due to a split, or just wish to spend time away from you. In the long run, your ex may choose to live her life WITHOUT YOU.

  1. She wants to move on and has a need for space.

One of the most apparent reasons your ex-girlfriend has banned you from Facebook and other social media platforms is that she want to move on. You may have tormented your ex-girlfriend to the point that she blocked you immediately after the split.

She’ll make a point of distancing herself from you as a method of coping with the painful split. It’s simply a method for her to show that she’s single and no longer in a relationship. Perhaps your ex is persuading herself that she has already moved on at the same time.

  1. Did she block me because she despises me?

If your ex-girlfriend blocks you on Facebook after a split, it indicates that she is over you. Your ex attempts to show that you and he are no longer together by unfollowing or banning you on all social media sites.

Your ex’s hatred for you compelled her to block and unfollow you on all social media platforms. You both may have done some awful things in the past that have brought you both to this place.

Your ex-girlfriend banned you from her Facebook and other social media sites in order to keep you in the dark about her whereabouts. She does not want you to find out anything about her. Maybe she felt blocking you was the only way to permanently get rid of you.

  1. Is She Dating Anyone Else?

It is common for spouses to ban their ex-partners on social networking sites. Your ex may be someone who dislikes being friends with an ex.

Because she is already in a relationship with another man, your ex-girlfriend may have banned you on Facebook. Nobody loves the idea that her partner still communicates with her ex. Your ex’s current spouse may have compelled her to block you on social media.

My ex-boyfriend dumped me for someone else — What Should I Do Now?

  1. She is enforcing the no-contact rule.

After a breakup, the majority of individuals choose for no contact. Going radio quiet is the greatest method to heal yourself or move on from your past. Your ex-girlfriend may have banned you because she is presently radio quiet and doesn’t want to be bothered.

Your ex, on the other hand, may have banned you on Facebook after no communication. During the no-contact time, she may have been successful in letting go of you and her history. The no-contact rule is well-known for mending shattered hearts and broken souls; this may have been the case with your ex.

After a breakup, the power of silence — the no-contact rule

  1. She wants some “ME TIME”

Perhaps your ex prefers to spend quality time by herself. Your ex-girlfriend may have never had time for herself while in a relationship with you. Now that you’ve split up, she has all of her time to herself. Your ex-girlfriend may have banned you from Facebook in order for you to remain ignorant of her and her actions.

Contrary to common belief, you do not cease loving someone all of a sudden. Yes, you may get irritated, frustrated, or unhappy with how things go. However, this does not imply that you no longer care about them.

This is a crucial distinction to make: banning you does not imply that your ex no longer cares about you. Exes may sometimes block their former lovers in order to have some peace and quiet to work things out.

My Ex-Girlfriend Blocked Me On Facebook – What Should I Do? How Should I Proceed?

In other extreme cases, your ex totally shuts off all communication, leaving you wondering what you should do. Why has your ex-girlfriend banned you on Facebook, and how should you respond?

According to my understanding, this only occurs when you have severely harmed your ex in the past. You may have made some egregious errors or tormented your ex in some manner. Your ex, unable to let go of the past, decides to remove you from her life.

Blocking you from all of her social media sites seems to be the only way to remove you from her life. So she does it; she bans you from everything, preventing you from ever contacting her.

However, if you want your ex to unblock you, you must do certain things and avoid certain typical blunders when re-pursuing their ex.

  1. Do not overreact to it.

It would be beneficial if you do not worry when your ex blocks you. Instead, use that time to consider what went wrong and how you might fix it. When a person is really wounded, it is natural for him to utter hurtful words. Your ex may react similarly; she may scream at you, say hurtful things to you, or even block you.

You, on the other hand, must maintain your composure and deal with the issue diplomatically. If you also act on your instinct, your relationship will suffer greatly and you will be sorry afterwards. To prevent regret later, you must behave wisely now.

  1. Don’t Give Up Hope (Things are Still in Hands)

Unless your ex-girlfriend marries someone else, everything is in your hands. Your ex-girlfriend has blocked you; she has not murdered you or herself. You still have a chance to see her if all goes according to plan. It is recommended that you do things carefully since hurrying would only cause you to suffer.

If you really want your ex-girlfriend to unblock you, don’t give up hope. It is better if you remain strong and determined. Maintaining a constant level of enthusiasm throughout the procedure will bring you to your goal.

  1. Do not block her on any of your social media platforms.

Your ex-girlfriend may have banned you on Facebook out of retaliation. You may get enraged as a result of learning; your ego may be wounded, and you may become enraged. However, in this delicate circumstance, strive to maintain your manners and behave like a gentleman.

Blocking you on social media does not imply your ex-girlfriend isn’t keeping tabs on you. Your ex may have been spying on you since your split and you are unaware of it. If you do not block them again out of rage, your ex may unblock you more quickly through your social media account.

As a result, don’t make hasty choices like blocking your ex-girlfriend in rage. Social networking sites may help you entice your ex-girlfriend. Demonstrate to your ex-girlfriend that you are content no matter what life throws at you. Assure her that you are the kind of man who says, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade and enjoy it.”

It is possible that showing your ex-girlfriend that you are happy and will not wait for her forever may irritate her. Seeing you happy and enjoying your life may persuade her to alter her mind and allow you to proceed. If you play your cards correctly, it may even bring your ex back to you in person.

Being in a relationship requires a full-time dedication. You won’t be able to spend time alone if your spouse is around. People who are in a relationship do not have enough time for themselves and the activities they like/love to do.

After you’ve broken up with your ex, you’ll have all of your time to yourself. You may take advantage of this time and use it as you see fit. You might go shopping or arrange a nice vacation with your pals.

Final Thoughts

Check in and upload your pictures on a regular basis. I’m not proposing that you brag; all I’m asking is that you make the most of this opportunity. There is a possibility that your ex-girlfriend may unblock you and contact you on her own.





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