Know Why Your Facebook Page Not Displaying

Why Does Not My Facebook Business Page Show Up In Google Search Results

There are many reasons why it may not appear when you search for it—Facebook has several criteria for your page to be published and accessible in the search box. *POOF* if you’re missing only one of them.

First and foremost, go to your Facebook page’s settings and about section.

If your page isn’t appearing, you’ll need to make changes in one of three places:

Your page’s preferences

Your website’s URL (your cover photo, profile photos, and call-to-action)

The About portion of your page

We’ll go through the solutions piece by section so you know exactly what you need to accomplish. If you’re new to Facebook, the settings button for your page is located just above your cover picture on the right-hand side, and the About section is located along the vertical left-hand menu.

Now that we’ve cleared that out, let’s move on to the reasons why your Facebook profile isn’t showing up.

Top Reasons Your Facebook Page Isn’t Displaying

You haven’t “Published” it yet.

It may seem counterintuitive, but establishing a Facebook business page is not the same as posting it. Most of the time, Facebook will publish it for you, but we’ve seen a few situations where administrators have to go in and alter their page’s settings from “unpublished” to “published.” Navigate to “General” in your preferences, and then to “Page Visibility.” If it reads “unpublished,” you’ve discovered the source of your issue. Change it to publish by clicking the “edit” button.

You choose the age and country restrictions.

When you initially created your Facebook business page, you could establish country and age limits. If you put any of these limitations on your page, now is the time to remove them. Why?

If you limit access to your page to users in certain countries, any user (from any nation) who is not signed in will be prompted to log in before they can see your website. If you limit who can view your page based on their age, you’ll run into the same problem—searchers who aren’t signed in won’t be able to see your page until they sign in.

Unless you have a compelling need to limit access to your website, it’s best to keep the “Country restrictions” box blank and the age restriction set to “Anyone (13+).” Navigate to your settings, then to “General,” and search for country and age limitations. If you want your Facebook page to appear in search results, you must set both to “everyone.” To do so, go to your settings like you did before.

Your page lacks a profile or cover photo.

To be seen on Facebook, your company page must have both a cover picture and a profile photo.

Cover photo: a rectangular picture that appears atop your page. The recommended size for both desktop and mobile are 820px wide by 462px tall, however make sure the major portions are centered since mobile will reduce it to 640px by 360px.

Profile photo: a square picture that appears in postings. 170px wide by 170px height is the recommended size.

You haven’t activated your call-to-action button.

Yes, there are call-to-action buttons on your profile, and you must configure them. It’s on the right-hand side, just under your cover picture.

When you click it, a menu will appear with choices such as “call us,” “book now,” “download app,” and others. You have many choices for the “contact us” kind of button, so choose the one that best fits your company and its objectives.

You haven’t included any basic information in your About section.

The last mistake you might have made during website creation is in your About section. You must fill up your “basic information.” Tell your audience a little bit about your business, and don’t forget to display your individuality.

You haven’t posted anything in a long time (or ever)

In order for your page to be published, you must post on a regular basis (at least once every two weeks). If you don’t do that, you’ll receive a lovely little notice (see below), and your page will be unpublished if you don’t post anything.

Your page has not yet been indexed by Facebook.


It may take several days for Facebook to index your page, making it “findable” when others search for it. If it’s been a week or so after you established your business page and you’re still not seeing it in search results, you may try unpublishing it and then publishing it again. Anecdotally, Facebook users have reported that this technique caused their page to appear instantly in search results.

How Can I Improve the Rank of My Facebook Page in Search and News Feed?

Unfortunately, Facebook’s news feed algorithm was changed in early 2018 to prioritize postings from friends and relatives. You must engage in sponsored advertising if you want to promote yourself on Facebook without squandering money. Otherwise, all of those well written posts will be tossed to the wind.

You can make your Facebook business page rank better in the news feed by doing the following:

  1. Forming and participating in groups
  2. Utilize video to convey micro-moment tales.
  3. Instead of links, upload native movies and pictures.
  4. Before linking to your website, clean up your website code.
  5. At all costs, avoid clickbait titles.

Want to Boost the Ranking of Your Facebook Page in Google Search Results?

Yes, it is something you can do. First and foremost, ensure that you are connecting to your Facebook profile whenever possible. Make a prominent, visible link on your business website, and include it in your blog posts and comments on other blogs (where applicable). Request that people like your page:

Greater likes equal more authority, which equals better ranks.

Second, on your website, provide a highly descriptive and specialized “About” section. Search engines use this field to determine how relevant your page is to search queries. As a result, optimize it! Say so if your most valued line of business is restoring old farmhouses within a 25-mile radius of Lancaster. Do not just refer to oneself as a “historic remodeler.” Consider what your consumers are looking for and create an About section that addresses their concerns.

Wrap Up

Alternatively, you may visit our Facebook blog category and read the blogs that interest you. Do you need assistance navigating the Facebook world? Please contact us and we will demonstrate how it is done.

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