What Does Related Pages On Facebook Mean

What Does Related Pages On Facebook Mean

Are you the administrator or owner of a Facebook business Page?

When a new fan “Likes” your Page, they will be given a list of recommended Pages to “Like.”

These are not compensated positions. Suggestions are based on geography, genre, and other pages “Liked” by fans of your page.

Fans may hover over a recommended Page’s thumbnail to immediately “Like” it, or click on it to visit the Page. They may also click “See All” to see the entire “Like Your Favorite Pages” browser.

It’s great that the recommended Pages are based on fan interests rather than popularity. However, it is a diversion from spending more time on your Page, which they have just “Liked.” Suggested Pages may encourage them to leave soon.

Participation in Page Suggestions is entirely optional. However, if you choose not to have recommendations displayed to your new fans, your Page will not be recommended to new fans of other Pages. It’s a cost-benefit analysis.

I was asked given this information by a reader who thought the recommendations were completely unrelated to her Page.

Others may not want their new followers to be directed to rivals. Take a look at the image below. I would not like this collection if I worked at Crate & Barrel!

It is all up to you.

Similar Page Suggestions on Facebook may direct new fans to your rivals.

Disabling Facebook Similar Page Suggestions [for business pages]

  1. Log in to Facebook using your own account as the Page’s administrator.
  2. Click Settings from your Page’s left sidebar.
  3. Select Similar Page Suggestions from the General menu.
  4. Remove the check mark next to Include [Page name] when suggesting related Pages on a Page timeline.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Are you still seeing “People Who Also Like” on your Facebook Page?

This piece was first published in August of 2013. The “People Also Like” feature, I think, is no longer visible on the Page.

If you continue to see it, try this:

Hover your mouse over the section’s top bar and click the Edit pencil.

Select Manage Sections from the menu.

Drag the “People Also Like” bar to the bottom of the list.

We can’t seem to get rid of “People Also Like” on the Facebook Page sidebar. However, you may move it to the bottom of the list by selecting “Manage Sections.”

Now, at the very least, it will be below all other parts — and will most likely go unnoticed.

Is it possible to remove Facebook Suggested Pages? [for individual profiles]

The simple answer seems to be “No” as of July 2021.

It is in Facebook’s best interests to retain its users on the site for as long as possible. If Suggested Pages can get a few people to browse around and maybe share some Facebook Likes, goal achieved.

We used to be able to deactivate Suggested Pages, however it seems that this option has been eliminated.

In case it reappears at some point:

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of the help? symbol in the top bar.
  2. Select Settings. I also experimented with News Feed Preferences…
  3. In the left sidebar, choose Privacy. I also experimented with apps and websites. None of them brought up the required setting, which is…
  4. Uncheck the “Enable instant customization on partner websites” check box in the “Instant Personalization” section.

As previously said, I can no longer locate this setting anywhere, so take this into consideration…

Can I change the Pages that have been recommended for my personal profile?

If Facebook is going to offer us these anyway, maybe we can direct them to show us relevant Pages.

They haven’t really informed us how, but I’d start with your Ad Settings and adjust your interests.

And they’ve made this route much more difficult to locate than it was two years ago! Again, there is no advantage to them in assisting us with this. But here is where I discovered it in July 2021.

Please keep in mind that these options may or may not be part of the Facebook Page Suggestions algorithm – but they should be!

To change ad settings on a desktop browser, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings and Privacy by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Ads, then Ad Settings.
  4. Select the categories that were used to contact you.
  5. You can modify your Interest categories from this page.

If Facebook is wise, it will consider your declared interests when recommending Pages.

You can also see less advertisements on alcohol, parenting, pets, or social problems and politics by clicking on Ad Topics, which is located above Ad Settings.

I can’t promise you’ll see less Suggested Pages in these categories, but it would make sense.

To change ad settings from the Facebook mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your personal profile.
  2. To the right of the Edit Profile button, tap the three dots.
  3. Tap View Privacy Shortcuts now.
  4. Scroll all the way down to Ad Preferences.
  5. Tap Examine your ad settings.
  6. Select the categories that were used to contact you.
  7. You may update your Interest Categories from this page.

It is currently not feasible to remove the “recommended sites,” however it is possible to redirect the subjects shown…

My own impression is that there are some secrets on Facebook. They figure out how long a post on a timeline is active on your screen and create a multiplier based on that choice. You don’t have to enjoy it; it’s just the time you spend watching anything.

If you believe the “recommended pages” indicate anything where, for example, the girlfriend is envious, click “see all” and scroll down… and like certain sites based on a choice. That alters the “direction”… For example, suppose a man loves high heels, and Facebook only recommends sites with heels, which he believes his GF should not view.

To alter it, choose 10 or 15 pages with something totally different yet on the same subject. For example, automobiles… Without a certain, the following ten or twenty recommendations will be about vehicle pages alone. I think (but haven’t confirmed) that it need a few likes here and there to continue displaying vehicle pages…

Try one or both, and let me know if the Suggested Pages become more relevant to your interests.


I hope you found these suggestions useful! If you have any more tips, techniques, or updates, please share it.

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