Find Any User On TikTok By Using Their Phone Number

TikTok,  is the most popular social media site among Generation Z, allowing users to make, view, and share short amusing videos with a few clicks.

Locate someone on TikTok by phone number

The application provides a variety of music, conversations, and song excerpts, as well as the possibility to apply unique effects and filters to create remarkable films.

TikTok allows users to locate others on the network based on their preferences and common interests. However, it may be difficult, especially if you look for the individual by their username or name, as there are other accounts with the same or similar usernames.

To address this issue, the platform has just developed the “Find Contacts” tool, which allows users to locate individuals using phone numbers recorded in their address book.

First and foremost, remember that TikTok prioritizes user privacy above all else. When you establish an account with the app, the information you provide will stay private. You should not worry about your personal information being disclosed to a third party.

Users are required to provide their phone number during account creation for verification reasons. However, your phone number will not be displayed to your admirers or any other users. This information is completely private.

If you have the TikTok user’s contact number saved on your phone, the “Find Contacts” tool will allow you to locate their profile.

This article explains how to search for someone on TikTok by phone number.

Does it sound good? Let’s get started.

How to Locate Someone on TikTok Using a Telephone Number

  1. Launch the TikTok app on your mobile device and sign into your account.
  2. Tap the Me Profile symbol in the lower right corner of the screen to access your profile.
  3. Find a contact on TikTok with a phone number.
  4. Locate the + User icon in the upper right corner of the screen and press it.
  5. Find a contact on TikTok with a phone number
  6. This link will take you to the Find Friends page. There are three possible options, including Invite Friends, Contacts, and Facebook Friends. Select the Contacts icon.
  7. Find a contact on TikTok with a phone number
  8. TikTok will then request access to your phone contacts if it has not previously been granted. Simply tap the Allow button.
  9. Next, you will locate the TikTok profile of the individual whose phone number you have saved on your smartphone.
  10. Find a contact on TikTok with a phone number

Note: If you have not yet synced your contacts, choose “Allow” to have all of your contacts synchronized with TikTok.

If you have not previously done so, you must add your phone number to your account for this technique to function. Additionally, the individual you seek must have their phone number associated with TikTok.

Last Words

I hope that after reading this guide, you can now quickly find someone on TikTok by phone number. If you have any questions, please post them in the space below.

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