How Can You Avoid Someone From Blocking You On Facebook

What Could Be The Reason If A Girl Is Blocking You On Facebook

This week, I opened my DMs to discover yet another message from a man I’ve never met but who kept messaging me. He was asking me where I lived this time.

Dude was obstructed.

There’s a good possibility this man was a troll attempting to con me in some way (catfish style), but whether he was who he seemed to be or not, I wasn’t enjoying his company. It’s not the first (or, I’m sure, the last) occasion I’ve had to block someone, from ex-coworkers to online trolls.

It made me wonder whether men don’t understand why we block them or why their conduct deserves it. I discussed it with my closest male buddy, and he agreed that men are sometimes perplexed that their conversations are somehow unwelcome, and they are even more perplexed when, instead of engaging, we block them.

So I’m here to lay it all out for you—why here’s you were blocked and what you can do to avoid it in the future.

  1. She believes you are a bot/troll/catfish.

One of the major reasons I block men instead of interacting with them is because if I don’t know them at all (we don’t even have common acquaintances, I’ve never ran into them out and about) and they attempt to start a discussion with me without any previous interest, I think they’re not who they claim they are.

If you’re unfamiliar with the terms “Catfish,” “Bot,” or “Troll” on the internet, here’s a quick rundown:

What exactly is a Catfish?

A catfish is someone who presents themselves as someone they are not. This individual may not be attempting to defraud you of money, but they are most likely attempting to defraud you of your time by:

Using a profile photo that does not properly represent their real appearance.

They are posing as someone they are not. Take, for example, a man who claims to be a great marketing guru but is really operating a Facebook page from his mother’s basement.

Manipulation of your emotions to make you think that your connection (in whatever context) is real, while the fact is that they may not be emotionally accessible to you (they’re secretly married, don’t share their actual age, etc.).

What exactly is a Bot?

A bot is not a real person. It’s an automated message that pretends to be a human person in its interactions, typically in order to persuade you to give money or obscene pictures. The following are some indicators that you are dealing with a bot rather than a human person

Bots only provide hazy answers to complex problems.

Bots often provide one-word responses.

Bots repeatedly request the same information.

What exactly is a troll?

A troll is someone who has too much time on their hands and feels comfortable utilizing the anonymity of the internet to harass or abuse another person in ways they would never do in person (without at least getting arrested). Trolls were placed on the hot seat in the autumn of 2019 when they harassed writer and blogger Melissa Blake over her looks, and if a woman believes you’re trolling her, you’re likely to wind up there as well.

Is it repairable?

You aren’t a bot, but if you catfished or trolled a lady and believe the situation is fixable in the sense that the relationship can be restored, it isn’t. You must take a step back and understand why she would never want to contact you again.

You’re freaking her out if you don’t know her well and are relentless on social media.

  1. You’re delusory.

That leads us to the likelihood that you’re hallucinating.

I banned a man I knew as an in-person acquaintance/occasional FB chat friend once because he was upset when I changed my status from “single” to “in a relationship” with someone who wasn’t him.

He messaged me, saying he was puzzled and furious, and that he felt betrayed that I would date someone without informing him since, in his opinion, we were dating.

We’d never gone on a date, much alone spoken on the phone or made arrangements. It was beyond my comprehension how we were dating, to the point that I didn’t believe I could explain to him that we weren’t, and I felt uncomfortable dealing with him.

Consider the following:

Is this individual going to consider me a close friend? Do they seek my counsel on personal matters? If not, you aren’t even near.

How many times have I gone out with this individual alone? This individual doesn’t feel like they know you if they just see you once, twice, or never.

Do I personally know this person’s family and friends? If not, you don’t truly know this individual on a personal level.

Is it repairable?

The greatest approach to set things right is to first identify what you did to make the other person uncomfortable with your interactions. Most likely, it was you mistakenly thinking you had a greater position in their lives than you really have.

If this is the case, you must investigate why this occurred, whether they encouraged you to believe it or you came up with the notion on your own. This Psychology Today article has useful information on dealing with deluded love problems.

If you continue to contact with the person who blocked you, your emotions will not be returned.

Knowing that he thought this way made me feel uncomfortable interacting with him again.

  1. She’s not really into you.

Maybe you hooked up, and she stopped responding to your messages and blocked you.

If that’s the case, and you can’t think of anything you did to make her uncomfortable, she probably doesn’t want to approach you and tell you it was all in good fun.

Is it repairable?

No, and honestly, if you think about it, you don’t want to repair it. While there’s nothing wrong with a consensual casual meeting, she’s being a little cowardly by not explicitly setting those limits beforehand, or at the very least after. Continue your journey.

  1. She’s madly in love with you, and she shouldn’t be.

On the other side, she might be interested in you but be in a position where engaging with you on a romantic (or perhaps any) level would be improper. Here are a few instances of this:

  1. She is in a long-term relationship.
  2. She has a husband.
  3. She is your superior.
  4. You’re her superior.

Is it repairable?

No! Take the hint and take 10 steps back, regardless of the time.

You said something that made her feel uneasy.

Different individuals have different thresholds for dealing with upsetting remarks.

One of my mom friends uses Facebook and other kinds of social media to help her company get leads, so it’s not unusual for her email to be flooded with messages from strangers looking to hire her for freelance work. However, she said that if she sees someone reference her children (who she admits are on her profile photo with her) in their message, she immediately bans them since she is uncertain of their intentions.

If you find yourself abruptly blocked, consider what you might have said that, in the perspective of the recipient, came off as a bit too personal and therefore uncomfortable.

Other Things That Make Women Uneasy Enough to Block You

  1. Requesting photographs

When they’ve repeatedly rejected your invites, you’re asking to hang out.

requesting that you perform something for them when they have repeatedly refused

Posting offensive or unpleasant material on social networking

Message them often without waiting for a response

Sending politically inflammatory DMs or regularly publishing politically charged material

Having an awkward/risky encounter with one of their pals.

Is it repairable?

Probably not with this individual. Take it as a learning experience and be aware of limits in the future.

One Last Thought

If you know this person on a personal level, you might try asking them in person (on their terms) what you did that made them uncomfortable, but don’t push it.

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