How Can You Join A Facebook Group As A Facebook Page

How Does A Facebook Page Join A Facebook Group As Member

Is it possible for a Facebook Page to join a Group? Like many things in life, the answer is “it depends.”

You could only join Facebook Groups from your own profile when they were initially established. Pages couldn't join groups; thus, you couldn't even join a Facebook Group from your Business Page! In 2019, Facebook recognized that many of its users (including big hitters/influencers) exclusively utilized Facebook via a Business Page, thus they offered Groups the option to enable Pages to join.

So, yeah, the answer is yes, correct? Is it possible for a Facebook Page to join a Group?

Not all of the time… Because, although Facebook has made it feasible for a Facebook Page to join a Group, this isn't always the case.

When a user creates a Facebook Group, one of the options available to the administrator is whether or not to allow pages to join (see image below).

Yes, a Page may join a Group if the Group Administrator permits it (see instructions below). If a group's admin chooses not to allow pages to join, a Page will be unable to do so (unless the Admin changes the rules). The only way to join is via your own profile.

If you're wondering why a Group Admin would do anything like this, consider this. Isn't it true that they don't want additional individuals in the Group?” The truth is, Pages have a LOT less reach and engagement than Personal Profiles.

So, from the perspective of a Group Admin, they want their Group to be as dynamic as possible, with a large number of individuals posting, discussing, and so on. There will be a lot more engagement in the Group if everyone in the Group posts from their personal profile (which is what the Group Admin wants).

However, if Pages are the only ones posting, there will be less engagement in the Group. This is why Pages are not allowed to join many (if not all) Groups.

The fact that Pages have a smaller audience than Personal Profiles may have an effect on your marketing approach. If your aim is to join that Group to advertise your company, it may be more beneficial to join as your Personal Profile and promote it that way, since your postings will reach a wider audience. That is, however, a topic for another day.

If the Group allows Pages to join, it's a very easy method to set up-simply follow the instructions below. Log into Facebook and look for the group you want to join.

Step 1: Select the ‘Join Group' option from the drop-down menu.

Step2: If the Group enables Pages to join, you'll be given the choice of joining the Group in one of two ways.

Step 3: Follow the steps for joining (some groups may have questions you need to answer to join)

Step 4: If no approval procedure is in place, you will have immediate access to the Group. If your request is subject to approval, you must wait until it is granted or rejected (this will vary depending on the Group).

If you've previously joined the Group via your Personal Profile and wish to join through your Page… It's possible… the difficult way

You must LEAVE the Group from your Personal Profile and then REQUEST REJOINING from your Facebook Page. It's not ideal, but it's your only choice at this point.

If you wish to join the Group as both your Page and your Profile (so you're visible to everyone), you may, but only if you join as your Page first! If you join the Group as your Page first, you will be able to join the Group as your Personal Profile as well (by choosing the ‘choose how to engage' button above). Important: If you join as a Page first, you will not have this choice; if you join as a Personal Profile first, you will not have this option. =

So, to summarize…

Is it possible for a Facebook Page to join a Group?… It is debatable.

Is it POSSIBLE for a Facebook Page to become a member of a Facebook Group? Yes

Is it feasible for a Facebook Page to join a Group at all times? No

It doesn't harm to ask the admin if the Group doesn't allow Pages to join. From your Personal Profile, you can easily join the Group. Ask the Group Administrator directly whether they would be willing to allow you join the Group via your Page. They may decline since it is not what they want from their peers. They may answer yes since they weren't aware that Pages couldn't join and that they needed to alter the settings to enable it.

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