How Do You Type Nepali Language On Facebook

How Do You Write Nepali Language In Facebook

Do you want to type Nepali on Facebook? Here are some tools, software, and services that make it simple to write Nepali on Facebook.

If you only want to use Facebook in Nepali, Facebook just released a Nepali version of its site. You may choose Nepali from the Languages menu on Facebook or go to this website for the Nepali version.

In Facebook, I'm typing Nepali.

So, you saw your friend's Facebook status in Nepali and thought it was cool? Or maybe you're simply curious how someone can write Nepali on Facebook.

Even on its official Nepali version, Facebook does not enable typing in Nepali by default. Typing has nothing to do with the Facebook platform; rather, it is related to your keyboard and operating system settings.

The majority of Nepali users are used to typing Nepali on Microsoft Word or other programs that utilize Nepali fonts. Even if you copy and paste your Nepali words from Microsoft Word to Facebook, you will not see Nepali characters.

This leads us to an essential word when it comes to typing Nepali on online sites like Facebook-Unicode.

“Unicode is a computer industry standard for the uniform encoding and manipulation of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems,” according to Wikipedia. If you don't understand, don't worry – you don't need to learn Unicode.

If you wish to write Nepali on Facebook, you will need to utilize Nepali Unicode. On this section, I will highlight the best tools for typing Nepali in Facebook.

Make use of the Nepali Blogger – Nepali Type Tool.

Here are some additional web-based tools and services.

  1. Google's service for transliteration

Google Transliteration is a very efficient and, most importantly, user-friendly tool for typing in Nepali. It enables users to use a roman keyboard to input text in one of the supported languages. Users may enter a word in Latin characters to hear how it sounds, and Google Transliteration IME will translate the word to its original script.

To utilize this tool, go to Google transliteration and enter a word in English and hit SPACE to have it translated into Nepali. Remember to choose Nepali as the language from the drop down bar.

  1. Nepali Typing Software

The Nepali Typing tool on this website likewise uses the usual Google transliteration service and is straightforward and quick to use.

  1. Chrome Extension for Google Input Tools

Install the Google Input Tools chrome extension and choose Nepali as the language under “Extension settings” to begin typing Nepali on Google services.

Install the Chrome Extension for Google Input Tools.

Google provides detailed instructions on how to use this tool in Nepali.

  1. Bookmarklet for Transliteration

The transliteration bookmarklet (No longer available) is a tool that allows you to text in Nepali on any website. In the background, the program makes advantage of Google's transliteration service.

Follow these easy steps to type in Nepali on any website:

  • In the Bookmarks toolbar, click the [Type in Nepali] button. Wait until the notice “Transliteration is enabled…” appears. The notification tells us that transliteration is now available for usage.
  • Select any text field in which you wish to write in Nepali. In the text box, you will see an icon. Begin typing in English, and the words will be transliterated into Nepali.
  • To return to typing in English, click on the [Type in Nepali] option in the Bookmarks toolbar again.

Apart from Google Transliteration, there are a few additional software’s and services that may be used to write Nepali in Facebook.

  1. Software for Nepali Unicode Keyboard Layout

Make advantage of the following Madan Parashar Library resources: Nepali Unicode Romanized

Nepali Unicode Romanized is a new layout with the keys rearranged as Romanized keyboard keys such as in k and in s to make it easier for English users to write Nepali.

Go to the Madan Parashar Library downloads page, download the program, and follow the instructions.

Final Words

The Madan Parashar Pustaka Aya (MPP) under the Language Technology Kendra, a non-profit sharing business, created and maintains Nepali Unicode Keyboard Layouts.

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