How To Download Videos From Facebook Messenger

How To Download Videos from Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most convenient ways to communicate since it enables users to contact others for free at any time and from anywhere. The ability to transmit movies is one of Messenger’s features. You won’t have to post a video on your Facebook wall this way; instead, you may send it privately to the person or group for whom it was created.

Have you ever wished to be able to download videos from Facebook Messenger directly?

Have you ever wished you could save a video on your phone instead of trusting it to a social media platform? Do you want to save a video you produced or participated in on your own device because you’re proud of it? This article will teach you how to save videos from Facebook Messenger to your computer or mobile device.

For a time, you could view a video on Facebook Messenger and then download it by clicking the download button at the bottom of the page. After a few Facebook changes, the download option seems to have vanished.

What was once a straightforward procedure has grown a little more complicated. I assume Facebook wants to keep you as much as possible on the platform (a.k.a. walled garden) and would rather you view the video on their app rather than on your phone.

However, the internet, as usual, has other plans and has come up with two different solutions. There are other alternatives, but they usually include downloading and installing untested software, which isn’t ideal. Nothing except a web browser or a web app is required for any of these choices.

In the end, even if the download option in Facebook Messenger is no longer accessible, you may still download movies.

Facebook Messenger videos may be downloaded.

Before the download button vanished from Facebook Messenger, you could watch videos directly from the app, with a download option at the end.

On iPhones, you may also tap and hold the video to view the Save as a dialog option. If that choice is no longer available, all is not lost; there are alternative methods to obtain what we desire.

On Windows, you may download Facebook Messenger videos.

  1. Go to your Facebook account and sign in.
  2. To see your Chats history, click the Messages button. Then go to the discussion where the video you wish to download is being discussed.
  3. A three-dot symbol may be seen on the left side of the video (More). Select Save to Facebook from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then choose View Saved Items from the drop-down menu. In your browser, this will open a new tab.
  5. The My Collections screen will appear on the new tab. You’ll find the video you saved under All.
  6. When you click on the video, it will begin to download to your computer. The video may be found in your computer’s Downloads folder.
  7. After you’ve downloaded the movie, click the three-dots symbol next to the Add to Collection option, then click Unsaved to remove it from your Facebook account.

Make Use of a Web Browser Tip

This is a well-known Facebook Messenger hack that allows you to download videos. It takes the video’s URL, redirects you to the mobile version of the website, and allows you to examine and download the video. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the video you want to download and click it.
  2. Select ‘Copy video URL at current time’ from the context menu when you right-click it.
  3. To view the mobile version, paste the URL into a browser tab, delete the www. portion, and replace it with m.
  4. Play the video after loading the page.

On a Mac, press Alt Option + CMDB + J or right-click and choose Inspect.

Copy the video URL, which ends in MP4 format.

Copy and paste it into a new tab and play it.

Select Save Video As from the context menu when you right-click the video.

This method is used to isolate the video file to download over the internet on a variety of websites. It works with most browsers that offer a developer console, and although there are a few steps involved, it is really very simple. is a website that allows you to download videos from Facebook Messenger. is a video downloader that makes downloading videos from Facebook Messenger a breeze. You’ll still need to utilize Steps 1–6 to grab the video URL, but instead of downloading it from a browser tab, you may use this web app. This is where you should go if Save As isn’t working for you.

To get the video URL, repeat steps 1 through 6 above.

Go to and type in your URL.

Copy the URL and paste it into the middle box, then click Download.

Save the video to your preferred place after downloading it.

The website will find and identify the movie and then download it to your device if you entered the video URL properly. It is compatible with both mobile devices and desktop PCs. This technique is both fast and efficient. I tried it twice on Windows 10 using the Brave browser, and downloading a 30-second video from Facebook Messenger took seconds.

On Android, you may download Facebook Messenger videos.

It’s very simple to download a movie from Facebook Messenger to your Android smartphone.

  1. Open Messenger and go to the chat where you wish to download the video.
  2. If you hold down the shift key while pressing the video, you’ll get choices to Save Video, Forward, or Remove it.
  3. Select Save Video.

Final Words

That’s it, I have explained all the possible methods to download videos from Facebook messenger hope you got it.

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