How To Make A Link On Your Facebook Page

How Do I Hyperlink Text On A Facebook Post

One of the enigmas of Facebook is the Facebook hyperlink.

Because the standard a href=””>a href=””>a href=””>a href=””>a href=””>a href=””>a href=””>a href=””

You couldn’t hyperlink on Facebook before, so if you wanted to send someone to a certain URL from Facebook, you had to copy and paste the link.

Facebook notes were the sole method to create a hyperlink with the appropriate anchor text.

With Facebook notes, you may connect to any location using the appropriate anchor text.

However, you may now utilize Facebook hyperlinks in Facebook groups as well.

This article will show you how to connect on Facebook without using any tricks.

It is official from Facebook, so there is no need to worry about learning any particular skills.

I was posting in one of my Facebook groups when I saw certain characteristics that made me think it could also have a hyperlink option.

But, to my amazement, there was no way for me to utilize the hyperlink feature.

But I performed something special that allowed me to connect back to my target site with the anchor text I wanted.

Before I show you how to hyperlink on Facebook, I’d want to show you some of the locations or parts where the hyperlink function is available.

Where does the Facebook connection work?

Facebook hyperlinks don’t function everywhere on the site.

You can’t simply utilize the Facebook hyperlink function anyplace on Facebook, for example.

When creating a standard timeline post, you can’t, for example, hyperlink a word.

When editing your Facebook page timeline, you won’t be able to utilize hyperlinks.

The only method to utilize a hyperlink on a page is via the notes section of the page.

When you post a message to your Facebook page, it appears on the timeline of your page.

So, if you want to include a link in a post on your website, you may want to utilize the notes.

Facebook hyperlinks may also be used in Facebook group postings.

You must make the group post from a desktop to utilize this linking function.

In a nutshell, you can only utilize the Facebook connection on the following pages:

Post to a Facebook group’s timeline

Notes on the Facebook page

That was true at the time of this post’s last update.

I think the hyperlink function will be enabled in more Facebook areas in the future, so stay tuned for developments.

How to make a Facebook connection

Let’s get started learning how to hyperlink on Facebook now that you know which areas you may use it in.

How can I make a link on my Facebook page?

Go to your Facebook profile and post a message.

To hyperlink a text on your Facebook page’s note, just pick the text you wish to connect, and choices for Bold, Italics, code, and link the text will display.

To paste your link destination, just choose the link icon, and the chosen text will become your anchor text.

When you’re through writing the note and have included all of the links you want, you may publish it and it will show on your page’s timeline.

That’s how fast and easy it is.

How do I add a link to a Facebook group?

While making normal group timeline updates, you may now hyperlink texts in a Facebook group.

Simply pick any text you want to hyperlink in a Facebook group, and you’ll be offered only two text decorating choices.

There is no possibility to hyperlink the content this time.

Here’s how to make any text in a Facebook group hyperlinkable.

  1. Choose the anchor text you like.
  2. On your keyboard, press ctrl+k.
  3. Copy and paste the link’s destination.
  4. On your keyboard, press enter.
  5. Publish the article.

That’s it!

Anyone who clicks on your anchor text will now be sent to the chosen location.

That’s how you make a Facebook hyperlink.

I’ll keep this page updated with additional Facebook areas where you may utilize the hyperlink function.

Make sure you don’t miss anything by staying tuned in.

Final Words

If you have any questions about anything in this article, please let us know. Hope you have now understood everything.

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