What Difference Can You Find Between Facebook And Facebook Lite

What Is The Difference Between Facebook And Facebook Lite

What exactly is Facebook Lite? In a word, it’s a scaled-down version of Facebook’s regular Android and iOS apps. Although it lacks certain capabilities, it is still a viable alternative to the full-fledged Facebook app.

However, as we all know, Facebook knows a lot about you, and the social network’s mobile app is one of the ways the corporation gathers your information. Is there a difference between the Facebook Lite app and the original?

What Exactly Is Facebook Lite?

In2015, Facebook introduced Facebook Lite, a version of the social network designed from the ground up to function well with slow mobile connections and low-end phones.

It’s a global app, but it was designed with poor nations in mind, where data connection is scarce. Facebook Lite also saves space on your phone and works in 2G circumstances.

The Advantages of Facebook Lite

The size difference between Facebook Lite and Facebook is the most noticeable. The download size of Facebook Lite is less than 10MB. It just takes up 2.19MB of space on my smartphone. Compare that to the 167MB of space used by normal Facebook. This is a significant difference.

Furthermore, unlike Facebook, Facebook Lite does not preload pictures. This results in somewhat slower loading times when browsing through your Newsfeed, but reduced data use. You’ll also note that videos don’t autoplay as they do on the regular app—-on Facebook Lite, videos will only autoplay when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Even more data may be saved by going to your Facebook Lite settings and scrolling down to the Media and Contacts option. You may choose the picture quality that Facebook Lite will show here. Choosing low-resolution pictures may help you save data. Although the regular Facebook app includes a data saving function, it does not save nearly as much as Facebook Lite.

The User Interface

Facebook Lite isn’t simply a mobile internet wrapper—-a it’s fully rebuilt app. To be honest, the layout isn’t much worse; it’s just different. You still have the same fundamental tabs: News Feed, Friend Requests, Messages, Videos, Notifications, and Options, but you can’t swipe between them; you must touch them.

 Facebook Lite, which is designed for devices with low-resolution displays, has smaller text and buttons in general. It retains a semi-modern appearance, with white cards on a gray backdrop, similar to the standard Facebook app.

The Lite version, as shown in the notification window below, uses tiny, low-resolution profile pictures to indicate if someone liked or commented on anything. When compared to the original Facebook app, the text is likewise considerably smaller.

Scrolling via the Lite app takes somewhat longer than scrolling through normal Facebook. It’s obvious that Facebook made certain sacrifices in order for the app to work effectively on devices with limited RAM, CPU power, and a bad internet connection. Despite this, Facebook Lite remains functional.

Privacy and security

Facebook clearly values your information, and you want to ensure that the business isn’t just disseminating it to everyone. To begin, Facebook offers an online tool for verifying your privacy settings, but after you’ve done that, it’s a good idea to check what rights that mobile app has on your device.

Tor may also be used to access Facebook for additional security.

Some individuals believe that the permissions granted by the standard Facebook app are a little too intrusive. All of them are listed below.

Although it seems to be a big list, Facebook Lite’s list is almost as extensive:

What are the main distinctions?

 Regular Facebook users have the ability to utilize biometric hardware, adjust audio settings, access Google Play billing services, and connect with Bluetooth devices. So nothing too dramatic.

Basically, if the permissions on normal Facebook are too intrusive for you, the permissions on Facebook Lite are likely to be as well. To avoid permissions, just visit Facebook’s mobile website via your preferred Android browser.


Previously, Facebook Lite had its own chat system integrated directly into the app. However, much like the regular Facebook app, it now requires you to download and utilize a separate messaging program. Users of Facebook Lite are urged to utilize Messenger Lite on Android and iOS instead of the standard Messenger.

But, if you’re going to switch, how does Messenger Lite stack up against Messenger? Check it out for yourself. Messenger Lite is located to the left, while Messenger is located on the right.

Facebook Messenger Lite resembles the main Messenger in appearance. If you find Messenger to be overly bulky, Lite may be the chat software you’ve been searching for all along.

If you like Facebook’s stickers, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Lite version also supports them. Just bear in mind that you won’t have access to the regular Messenger’s collection of GIFs, emoticons, and text styles. It’s adequate, but not exceptional.

How Do I Get Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite is presently accessible in the United States, as well as portions of Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. Everyone can view the Play Store and Software Store listings, but if you’re not in one of the supported countries, you’ll get a warning that says, “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”

Which Should You Use: Facebook or Facebook Lite?

While Facebook isn’t for everyone, Facebook Lite may be more attractive. This is especially important if you have an older phone or need to conserve data whenever possible.

However, if you don’t have an older phone and don’t need to save data, the regular Facebook app will definitely serve you better. The only problem is that it requires additional permissions to utilize.

One Last Thought

Although Facebook Messenger allows you to easily interact with your friends, you may wish to keep your personal information off of Facebook. Fortunately, if you don’t want to use Facebook Messenger, these options are ideal.

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